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Almost a year ago the blacknyellow army travelled to the Dutch border. It was a glorious Saturday. Up to 20.000 Borussen were to celebrate the first league title of the decade in Gladbach. But Mo Idrissou and Leverkusen spoiled the party. This weekend Dortmund is set for the next Meisterparty. Again the other Borussia will try and spoil the party but we can tell you, BMG! No way you are gonna succeed. Read why:

1) Borussia Dortmund then won the title against Nürnberg on match day 32. It was a home match and for those in Dortmund a moment they will never forget. Kevin Großkreutz loosing his hair, Lcuas Barrios up on the post, Neven Subotic partying on the streets of Dortmund, the Borsigplatz painted blacknyellow. For at least a fortnight Dortmund celebrated the title and the players. It is match day 32, it is end of April, it is time to do it again!

2) The all-time league record currently is at 79 points. The record of course is held by Bayern Munich. With three more wins in the last three games, Borussia Dortmund would be the first team to ever climb above the 80 point mark. It is a once in a lifetime chance and Borussia will not throw it away

3) There is a bunch of English lads who never believe whatever I tell them. Last year I asked them to get tickets for the Nürnberg match back in December 2010, in December 2011 they again asked me which match to attend come the end of the sesaon. „Gladbach“, was my answer. I was a 100% positive BVB would go on and win the league that day which now is tomorrow

3+1) Borussia have a record-breaking unbeaten run of 25 matches without a loss, have scored in each of their home games, have only been between twice at home the last 32 home matches aka in season 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. One of them was the first game of the 2010/2011 season, one of them was the Berlin game this season. Still nobody understands why Hertha beat us and all we can speculate is that they lost in order to get to the Cup Final. But frankly this theory is bullshit.

5) Jürgen Klopp! Jürgen Klopp! Jürgen Klopp! He could sit back and be king for yet another day but he knows this guarantees being fool for a lifetime. He wants the record, he wants it now. He is in love with the club. He is in love with his team. He is Jürgen Klopp! And the best thing that has happened to the city of Dortmund in a long long time.

6) The fans! We might go into the Gladbach game as the new and old Deutscher Meister but we will have time enough to celebrate after the match. Of course we will be full of joy but we will also be looking for the new record. We know things never last as long as we want them to last and we have decided to enjoy things while they are happening many years ago. And we know when to take the chance and break records. Borussia Dortmund is set to have the highest attendance in football (or soccer as you might call it, and if you call it soccer think about it for a minute and then start to call it football!) worldwide

7) Lukas Piszczek! When things went wrong this season Lukas Piszczek was there to repair it. He scored in Mainz to kick off the 25 game-long streak we are currently on and only last week he destroyed the Blues hope of beating us. Jürgen Kohler ended Cantona's career and it might be useful to remember who finished the days of Raul. His name is Lukas Piszczek. And of the players of the season he is the player of the season! He might as well be one of the most important signings in recent club history. Lukas, and the rest of the guys, will be hungry to break the record.

8) Borussia Mönchengladbach. Ok, they have played a fantastic season. They might be even the sensation of the season and most likely will finish the league in the Top 4 but they are missing Roman Neustädter and have had a big drop in form recently. They still need one or two points to make it into the CL Qualifiers but they know they won't be able to win them in Dortmund. A total of 2 points is all they won in their last 10 matches in Dortmund.

09) Deutscher Meister ist nur der BVB! Deutscher Meister ist nur der BVB! Nur der BVB! Nur der BVB! And it will stay that way for another season. April 21st will go down into the history books as the day Borussia for the third time won the Meisterschaft two years in a row!

You will not spoil our party Gladbach, and now you know why

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