They came for Cohen and became Borussians - BVB Fans from Dublin

19.11.2012, 20:09 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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There are BVB supporters all over the world. Dublin, Ireland is no exception. When we heared that two of them were coming to Dortmund to visit their first live match at the mighty Westfalenstadion we had to meet them for a chat. In our video interview Bernardine and Trish, two lovely Irish girls, told us how they came across Borussia Dortmund, why they don't care so much about the EPL and why they were celebrating, when Ireland got thrashed by Germany in their hometown. And last but not least about their battle to form an official BVB Fan Club in Dublin, which has not been successful so far, due to communication problems with their favourite club. Carry on girls, the Emerald Isle needs some black'n'yellow spots.

Interview: Steph&Web

Camera&Cut: Big Pete

Web 19.11.2012


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