A Relaxed Evening - At Least for Mitch Langerak

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Based on the reactions that were communicated to the communication board of, it can be determined that last evening was not a regular cup night. With Dynamo Dresden, a club from the new eastern states of Germany, a promising quantity of supporters could be expected. Unfortunately a part of the Dresdener did not know what it means to be a guest. Even the newest starting debut of Aussie Mitchell Langerak fades from the spotlight regarding the occurrences of last evening. But let us take one thing at a time.

With the 5-0 victory over Cologne behind one, the task for yesterday evening seemed quite manageable. But one had to bear in mind that Borussia was always good for an early elimination in the „DFB-Pokal“. A little uncertainty was present. Compared to the starting lineup on Saturday, coach Juergen Klopp only put in Mitch Langerak for leader Roman Weidenfeller. According to Klopp this was agreed with our number 1 and planned as thankyou for Langerak who displays a collegial behavior since he came to Dortmund. Dynamo Dresden promoted from the third to the second league and does well as measured by its low financial scope. The expectation of a defensively-minded style of play was no secret.

First Half

Since the colors of both teams are Black and Yellow, the Dresdener began in an unfamiliar white jersey. As it was expected, the Dresdener started very defensive. All eleven players retracted themselves to their own part of the pitch and left the ball to Borussia. But already in the 7th minute it became clear what Dresdens plan was: After Kevin Großkreutz lost the ball on the left wing, the Saxon striker Poté fooled Neven Subotic and fired a shot from the right side of the penaly area. No problem for Langerak, but a warning sign for the young guns. Dynamo Dresden was trying to hit Borussia on the break.

Overall the first 15 minutes of the match were really tough. Both teams acted biding and waited for mistakes of their opponent. No gap in class in the beginning!

From minute 17 on, the match gathered pace. After a free kick by Schmelzer from the right wing, skipper Sebastian Kehl headed the ball goalwards but Hesl saved without any greater problems. Only three minutes later, ex-Borussian David Solga checked if Langerak was still alive with a shot from about twenty meters. But exactly like his opponent Hesl, the young Australian saved. As a result of an corner kick by Mario Goetze, Neven Subotic missed the goal with a header in minute 22. Nevertheless the goal would not have counted due to an offside position by Mats Hummels.

In this phase of the match Borussia Dortmund obviously piled the pressure on Dynamo Dresden. But combinations between Goetze, Lewandowski and Großkreutz (24th minute) and Kagawa between Piszczek (28th minute) did still not lead to success. Just when I wanted to gear myself up for an tough cup evening Manni, „the machine“, Bender took heart and fired a shot from about 30 meters. As a result of the brilliant save by Dresden goalkeeper Wolfgang Hesl, Mario Goetze had to bring in the third corner kick for Borussia Dortmund. And then it happened! Measured by the ball possession the lead for Borussia Dortmund was deserved. Robert Lewandowski fighted his way through the box and scored per header. Me screaming: „This time we won't be eliminated that soon!“.

After the goal it was obvious that Dynamo Dresden ceased its defensively-minded style of play and tried to create own offensive actions around the BVB box. Until the half-time break nothing mentionable happened. A promising and deserved lead for Borussia.

Second Half

After the break both coaches trusted their players and did not substitute. In minute 51 Polish striker Robert Lewandowski had another scoring opportunity after a cross by his fellow countryman Lukasz Piszczek. Unfortunately his header missed his goal and went over the crossbar. In general our young team acted very wise and controlled posession as well as its enemy.

It was once more Mario Goetze who protruded from the other players on the pitch. After a combination between him and Piszcek on the right wing, Pisczek had an opportunity but just like his other teammates he was onces more stopped by Wolfang Hesl in minute 54. Only two minutes later Goetze also met his match in the goalkeeper. After a a fast dribble Mario shot from about 18 meters. Until minute 65 Borussia let the ball do the work and headed towards a victory over Dynamo Dresden.

After a brilliant pass by Sven Bender which cut through the defensive line, the previously unfortunate Super Mario stopped the ball and entered the box from the right wing in ways that click one's tongue. With a low shot he led the goalkeeper no chance and celebrated the 2-0 lead in front of the Suedtribuene. From this moment the body language of Mario showed joy of playing. In minute 72 he lobbed the ball to Ivan Perisic who replaced Kevin Großkreutz in minute 61. Once more the Saxon goalkeeper Hesel saved when Perisic tried to score with a header.

Dynamo Dresden caught the attention of the audience in minutes 78 and 89. After a cross from the left wing Mats Hummels lost sight of striker Zlatko Dedic who fortunately fired wide from in the box. In minute 89 a free kick by David Solga past the post only close.

All in all an invulnerable win over the team from Saxony. Fortunately the young guns were able to beat the curse of early eliminations in the „DFB-Pokal“. Aussie Mitchell Langerak showed once more that he is a reserve one can trust into – maybe we will see him again next time? However that be, from now on Borussia Dortmund has to concentrate on the away game in Stuttgart on Saturday.

Dresden Supporters

Already before the starting whistle the supporters of Dynamo Dresden got on the rampage. According to Ruhrnachrichten, about 4,500 of the 10,000 supporters tried to storm the Westfalenstadion. The match had to be rescheduled on 8.45PM CET. As if this was not enough, the supporters continued where they left off when the match started. A range of flares and pyrotechnics were inflamed and even a few found its way to the pitch. A kick in the teeth for the people who support the movement „Pyrotechnik legalisieren – Emotionen respektieren!“ („Legalize Pyrotechnics – Respect Emotions!“. Just when Mario Goetze wanted to bring in a corner, referee Peter Gagelmann interrupted the match due to a laser pointer that was disturbing the players and an object that was thrown out of the away stands into the direction of Goetze. Just when the second half started, the supporters again played with fire and hit the goal of Mitchell Langerak with a flare. In minute 79 supporters of Dresden crossed the barrier of their area and started to got on rampage again within the stadium. Referee Gagelmann had to interrupt the match again. Supporters of Borussia Dortmund report about a range of other occurrences they experienced around the stadium, unfortunatley it is no longer possible to verify these.

It only remains for me to add that the supporters of Dynamo Dresden had the opportunity to reach something yesterday, they were loud, they were united and they were convincing. Unfortunately they destroyed this image and the image of the club Dynamo Dresden with their own violent behavior.


Borussia Dortmund: Langerak - Piszczek, Hummels, Subotic, Schmelzer - Kehl, Bender - Goetze, Kagawa, Großkreutz - Lewandowski

Bench: Weidenfeller, Santana, Löwe, Barrios, Perisic, Gündogan, Leitner, Kuba

Coach: Juergen Klopp

Substitutions: 61. Perisic in - Großkreutz out, 72. Barrios in - Kagawa out, 89. Kuba in - Goetze out

Bookings: Subotic

Dynamo Dresden: Hesl - Schnetzler, Stoll, Jungwirth, Bregerie, Gueye - Trojan, Fiel, Solga, Koch - Poté

Bench: Eilhoff, Subasic, Papadopulos, Fort

Coach: Ralf Loose

Substitutions: 55. Heller in - Trojan out, 61. Schuppan in - Schnetzler out, 74. Dedic in - Poté out

Bookings: Fiel, Gueye

Referee: Peter Gagelmann (Bremen)

Attendance: 73,100

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