The week of truth - chapter three: Beat the sh** out of GE!

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Another victory?It is week of truth, chapter three. It is the 139th match between two clubs from the Ruhr area and it is often called "mother of all derbies". It is Dortmund vs. Scheisse, second rank vs. fourth rank. Without a doubt, this match is an instant classic. In some seasons, it didn't matter on what rank you finish off, but if you beat the shit out of GE or not. One example for such a season would be 2006/2007 when we destroyed all championship dreams of the blue-white scum with our 2-0 victory on day 33 of the season. This is not just any match, this is the derby. Be prepared!

The opponent

What can be said about our opponent? Well, first of all, they are our bitter enemy and the most-hated club in Dortmund. That is why Joanne K. Rowling drew inspiration from Dortmund supporters not calling the opposing team by its name, but with synonyms. Therefore, you-know-who is an outcome of the bitter rivalry between Ballspielverein Borussia and Scheisse 04. I could fill several books by speaking about derbies from the past, glorious victories and devastating defeats. Mats HummelsJust to speak about the 3-1 away victory of last season which was seen as the key match in Borussia's run for the championship would be perfectly enough for many pre-match reports. However, I would like to stick to the present because honestly, our opponent is not doing too bad at the moment. After Felix Magath left the club being a mess with several players who are not even known to the pitiful human beings who call themselves fans of this club, Ralf Rangnick followed but quit due to personal problems in September. Huub Stevens took the open space to bring back "successful" times in blue-white since he was the one who led GE to winning the UEFA Cup in 1997 (the same year Borussia won the Champions league by the way). Nowadays, a kind of order has been restored in GE and the line-up does not read too bad with players like Huntelaar (who is on a hell of a run), Raul or Holtby. Even though derbies always are of a special importance and follow their own rules, it won't be easy to win this one which is underlined by the current position in the rankings which sees Borussia being just one point ahead of the scum. However, like Borussia, GE will not be travelling to Dortmund with their best line-up possible since defender Höwedes, forward Farfan, goalkeeper Fährmann, midfielder Kluge and defenders Kenia and Hoogland are missing due to injuries. But speaking about absentee lists, let's come to the personal situation of the Ballspielverein.

Borussia's situation

Not only that the 1-2 in London meant the destruction of nearly all dreams of advancing to the knockout round of the Champions League, it also included the losses of two important key figures of Borussia. Sven Bender suffered a jaw broken in two places and will be out for several weeks. It is sad to see that the man we often called the indestructible robot with the black and yellow heart turned out to be destructible. Bender was a centerpiece of last year's championship and had big responsibility in Borussia's recent victories and will be missed all over the place. Get well soon, Manni! On Saturday, Moritz Leitner is most likely to take his place. Moritz proved that he is able to play a good ball at several occasions and will be highly motivated to take part in his first derby victory ever. And as if the loss of Sven Bender (as well as Neven Subotic being unable to play for many weeks) would not be enough, Mario Götze is still questionable to play after he suffered a bruise on his knee on Wednesday and got substituted as well. Schmelzer giving everythingHim missing the match would mean a central loss to the creative department of Dortmund's offense even though Ivan Perisic is ready to step in for him. Let's hope he will make it in time to make the GE defense dizzy. However, our team has proven that they can beat all opponents in the past. Bayern suffered a terrible defeat on Saturday and even Arsenal was not unbeatable on Wednesday. Therefore, the week of truth can come to a good end with a derby victory. Six points out of three matches, two victories in the most important Bundesliga and a victory in the grudge match would have been a satisfying outcome of the week beforehand and would keep every Borussia supporter happy. Another win would see us at least on rank two of the standings and – not less important – would be a pain in the arse of every supporter of the hated enemy. Therefore, let's go for it, Borussia. Everyone of the eleven players standing on the pitch today doesn't need any kind of extra motivation, the derby is just enough. Everyone knows about the importance of this match and everyone of the around 72.000 BVB supporters coloring Westfalenstadion in black and yellow will give everything he or she has to chant Borussia to the victory. Make it happen, Borussia! Beat the shit out of GE!

Possible line-ups

Borussia: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Santana, Hummels, Schmelzer -Kehl, Leitner - Götze (Perisic), Kagawa, Großkreutz – Lewandowski

Scheisse 04: Unnerstall - Uchida, Papadopoulos, Matip, Fuchs - Jones, Holtby - Baumjohann, Raul, Draxler – Huntelaar

Referee: Florian Meyer (Burgdorf)

Expected attendance: 80.720 supporters in sold-out Westfalenstadion. No doubt about that.

Vanni, 26.11.2011


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