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Südtribüne at its bestTwo weeks before the start of the most important weeks of the first half of the season, Borussia Dortmund proved that they are on a roll. The commerce club of Volkswagen Wolfsburg was no opponent for the German champion and sent home with a devastating 5-1 (2-0) defeat. Shortly before the break due to caps, we ended the last "English week" with an impressive style of play, a great choreography before the match and a nice atmosphere. Once again, it was great to go to the Westfalenstadion and see Borussia play. All in all, it was just a nice Saturday afternoon.

Before the match

Two changes were made to the line-up which beat Olympiacos this past Tuesday. Skipper Sebastian Kehl found himself back on the bench and was replaced by Sven "Manni" Bender who was ready to compete after a minor injury. This meant Youngster Moritz Leitner was ready to start for another time. Shinji Kagawa was back on the pitch as well, replacing Ivan Perisic. Our opponent of Wolfsburg could be described as an old boy's club without any understanding of tradition. Therefore, there is no real need to call any names, but due to journalistic necessities, I will at least tell you that they missed Hitzlsperger and Lakic because of knee injuries. Unsympathic Felix Magath decided to play in a 4-1-3-2 with Dejagah and Mandzukic being the forwards and Kyrgiakos being the center of the match since he was in no control of the defense at all. The supporters of Borussia Dortmund got off to a good start and presented an impressive choreography when the two teams went on the pitch (and you could see all Dortmund players turning their heads in that direction). A skull presenting a scarf with the slogan "Borussia Dortmund until death" was shown on the Südtribüne – another great picture for the galleries, another great memory for all supporters in the Westfalenstadion.

First half

Kagawa after the 2-0Borussia did not start very impressively and was lucky that Chris did not punished our defense for allowing him so much space at the penalty spot. However, Chris decided not to shoot but to head the ball to the goal and Weidenfeller had no real problem saving this ball (11th). This opportunity could be seen as a wake-up call for Borussia because in the other direction, Götze made his way to the Wolfsburg defense and showed absolutely no nerves by shooting the ball in the left corner of the opposing goal. No sixty seconds passed after the header of Chris and Borussia was in the lead after another big scene of German wunderkind Mario Götze (12th). Borussia was in the lead and the match under control, but it took another 12 minutes for Borussia to get a big opportunity. However, a brilliant shot by Schmelzer was worth waiting for it. 101 kilometres per hour were sent off the distance right into the left edge of the goal, but Wolfsburg's keeper Benaglio was against this beautiful shot and saved it at the cost of a corner kick (25tH). Would have been a candidate for the goal of the month definitely! With Borussia holding the pressure up, chances kept on coming. Lewandowski headed the ball to Kevin Großkreutz and the Dortmunder Jung who had scored on Tuesday against Olympiacos could not gain advantage from being through the entire defense. His shot only hit the left side of the post – should have been a goal here (31st). Two minutes later, Großkreutz – who really did not have a great day – nearly caused the equalizer but Mandzukic's shot slightly missed the goal for two or three centimeters and even hit the post.
Subotic will be missedShortly before the break, Neven Subotic suffered a major injury after being hit by the elbow of Kyrgiakos after a corner kick for might Borussia. The sad diagnosis: A broken midface (even though I did not know that this is possible). Neven had to undergo surgery and will be missed for the rest of the year. He was replaced during the break by Felipe Santana.
However, this bitter news was not the last scene of the first half. Bender won the ball from Aliaksandr Hleb and started his sprint which ended in a pass to Lewandowski who brilliantly assisted Kagawa and the Japanese reminded us at the scenes of the first half of last season and left no chance at all for Benaglio (45th). 2-0 Borussia, half time, two beautiful goals and a well-deserved lead and a match which really was fun.

Second half

The second half opened with another shot by Marcel Schmelzer. The left defender hit a free kick and sent the ball to the right side of the goal (46th). A bigger opportunity occurred in minute 59 when two shots of Großkreutz and Lewandowski probably would have found their way into the goal but were blocked by defenders of the motor city club. However, the direct counter attack lead to the 2-1 when Dejagah's cross found Träsch (who seemed to hit the ball with his hand but did not), Träsch gave assist to Hleb and Weidenfeller needed new shoes because he slipped and therefore had no chance to prevent the 2-1 (59th). When some supporters (including myself) questioned the lead and hoped that Wolfsburg won't come back into the match, all doubts were beaten down by "Manni" Bender. A corner kick by Götze was extended by the head of Piszczek and Bender headed the ball over the line even though Lewandowski was there to secure the goal. Götze celebratingHowever, the goal counts for Bender and the indestructible robot with the black and yellow heart cared for regaining the two-goal-lead (60th). The match was decided but Borussia was not satisfied. An excellent pass by Kagawa sent Lewandowski through the whole defense and the Pole lobed the ball over Benaglio into the goal. 4-1, Lewangoalski strikes again (66th). After 74 minutes, Lewandowski got substituted and Super Lucas Barrios was back on the pitch and from the first moment on, you could feel that he was willing to score. He wanted to get every ball possible, he is at 100 per cent again and he cannot wait to score for Borussia again. Just that damn great to have two incredible forwards with Lucas and Robert. And while the whole Südtribüne was going nuts, a wave went through the stadium for at least five or six times and the atmosphere was more than amazing, Borussia could even top that and Götze scored for the second time (78th). And the Südtribüne kept celebrating: "Deutscher Meister ist nur der BVB", "Ihr macht unseren Sport kaputt" („You are destroying our sport") directed at the Wolfsburg club, BVB waltz was danced and even a 6-1 was possible, when a shot by Barrios was saved by Benaglio. To finish the match, BVB supporters sang about the death of Scheisse 04 (since it was the last match at home before the derby coming up in three weeks) and about getting rid of the leather trousers of the FC Bayern (since this will be the next opponent in the Bundesliga).


It was just an incredible game due to many reasons. To see Borussia play at home is just plain awesome, 14-1 goals in the last three games says it all. The atmosphere and the choreography was great and even though Bundesliga will take a break now, I am not afraid of traveling to Munich to face FC Bayern. Borussia is back on the second rank and the number one in the Ruhr district once again and even though the next weeks will be very important and a little bit decisive, I am not afraid about facing Munich, Arsenal and blue-white scum. A special greeting goes to my friends in block 14 and the guy called "Gerold" but only known as "Dorold" because "GE" is not possible in a name of a dortmund supporters. I am sure that they will subscribe to me saying that with the performance of this Saturday, only the sky is the limit for that young team of awesome, sympathetic players. So come, Gunners, come Scheiße, come Munich... Borussia is ready and waiting for you.

Impressive Videos


Awesome Club Borussia: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Leitner, Bender - Götze, Kagawa, Großkreutz – Lewandowski

Subs: Santana for Subotic (46th), Kehl for Leitner (71st), Barrios for Lewandowski (74th)

Volkswagenburg: Benaglio - Salihamidzic, Chris, Kyrgiakos, Schäfer - Josué - Ochs, Träsch, Polak - Dejagah, Mandzukic

Subs: Hleb for Polak (40.), Jönsson for Ochs (56th),

Goals: 1-0 Götze (12th), 2-0 Kagawa (45th), 2-1 Hleb (59.), 3-1 Bender (61st), 4-1 Lewandowski (66th), 5-1 Götze (78th)

Bookings: Großkreutz - Polak, Träsch, Chris, Salihamidzic

Referee: Drees (Münster-Sarmsheim)

Corner Kicks: 8-6 (6-3)

Chances: 11-3 (4-2)

Attendance: 80.720 (sold-out Westfalenstadion)

Vanni, 6.11.2011


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