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Borussia Dortmund is finally back in the Champions League. We will cover today's draw in a live ticker here on The Young Guns have only made it into Pot 4 and can face a group of death. As Jürgen Klopp put it during the press conference today: "Whoever is going to be drawn against us, can be happy about a packed stadium and should be aware that we have a very strong side." Enjoy our live ticker.

18.45 - We hope you enjoyed our coverage. We are very much looking forward to the first few games of our Champions League campaign. Watch this space for a full schedule as soon as we have it.

18.43 - Full schedule will be published later on. "It is a great group which leaves us every chance to qualify for the round of the last 16. Also some great trips for our supporters", says steph from Monaco as Watzke shakes hands with our opponents.

18.41 - Trabzon, who play for Fener, enter group B with Inter and Moskva. But Borussia Dortmund get Arsenal, Marseille and Piräus! Sounds very good indeed!

18.40 - Genk (still no Young Guns) face Chelsea, Valencia and Leverkusen in E

18.39 - Victoria Pilzen, Czech champion, play (YES!) Barcelona, AC Milan and Borisov

18.38 - Dinamo Zagreb into Group D with Madrid, Lyon and Ajax. The Group Of Death is getting closer

18.37 - Galati, the Romanian side and CL debutant coached by former Cologne player Munteanu go into Group C with Basel, Benfica and United

18.36 - Apoel Nicosia complete Group G. So no Porto, Donezk and St.Petersburg for us.

18.34 - So excited! SSC Napoli complete Group A. Villareal, Manchester City, Napoli and Bayern.

18.33 - It is either Group F, Group G or the Group Of Death

18.32 - Lothar Matthäus is going to complete the group of all stars. Our fate in Lothar's hands.

18.27 - Ajax go into Group D, Piräus into Group F and Manchester City head towards Bayern, Leverkusen make it into the Group E - Chelsea, Valencia and Leverkusen. A doable draw for the Dutt-team. FC Basel join Group C with Manchester United and Benfica. Borisov complete the Group Of Death - Bye Bye Borisov.

18.24 - Pot 3 - OSC Lille, the French title holders, enter Group B with Inter and Moskva. Zenit St.Petersburg can be one of our opponents, they face Donezk and Porto. Will this be our group?

18.21 - Old Sir Bobby leaves the stage and Ruud Gullit enters. Gullit set up the greatest goal in football history back in 88 when van Basten hammered it home from the edge of the box against Russia.

18.19 - Villareal head towards Bayern Munich and CSKA Moskva face Inter Milan in Group B

18.18 - And here is the Group Of Death - Group H: Barcelona and AC Milan. A possible group for us.

18.17 - Valencia are drawn to Chelsea, Donezk enter Group G with Porto (oh boy, that'd be nice)

18.13 - Sir Bobby Charlon misreads Lyon for Marseille, who are drawn into Group D with Real Madrid. Lyon and Madrid. You might remember those matches. Benfica also drawn in a group which will not be our group - it is Group C with Manchester United. Olympique Marseille now could be our opponent and a rather good trip. They go into Group F with Arsenal. Looks like a good group.

18.11 - BVB is paired with Bayern Munich. This means we can face either of the four following teams: FC Porto, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC or Arsenal FC

18.09 - And Luis Figo leaves the stage, replaced by Sir Bobby Charlton for Pot 2.

18.07 - The remaining teams are FC Porto (Group G), Real Madrid (Group D), Manchester United (Group C), Chelsea FC (Group E), Bayern Munich (Group A), Inter Milan (Group B), FC Barcelona (Group H) & Arsenal FC (Group F)

18.03 - We start with Pot 1. It will take some time to find out where we are playing. First team to be drawn is Manchester United, drawn into Group C

18.02 - As we are guided through the rules, which teams are you looking forward to play?

18.00 - Before the draw the UEFA guy holds a speech. It circles around match fixing and about the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules, who begin to apply with next season.

17.58 - With the final held in Munich next May, Paul Breitner also joins Figo on stage. Breitner, who also acted in the astonishing Potato Fritz movie back in the 70's, is the ambassador of the Champions League Final. "FC Bayern and the city of Munich are extremly proud to be the host"

17.55 - Enter Luis Figo in a formal suit. CL winner with Real Madrid in 2002. "Amazing feeling to have the chance to win the trophy. A dream come true" he explains and continues "it is the best club competition". He now takes position behind the draw table.

17.52 - Carlos Puyol carries the trophy that everyone wants to win onto the stage. He looks like he just headed over from the beach and again like the twin brother of Alf, our good old friend from outta space. "Incredible experience to win the trophy", he says and leaves the stage. But here we are with the balls carrying the big names.

17.50 - We kick it off with the best goals of last year's Champions League. Make sure to check in next year for a few Götze and Kagawa goals.

17.45 - Live from the Grimaldi Forum your host Steph welcomes you. Pedro Pinto of CNN fame stepped in for me to guide you through the draw on stage. Let's get on with the draw. We do not care about whatever you are saying right now, Melanie & Pedro, we want to meet the group

17.37 - Representing Borussia Dortmund are CEO Aki Watzke and Christian Hockenjos, head of Business Management

17.32 - After Fener was banned by the Turkish FA, Borussia nearly slipped into Pot 3 yesterday but with BATE Borisov beating Graz it was not to be. You can see all pots here

17.30 - Time to get going. Only some fifteen minutes left until Borussia will be back on the highest stage of European Club football. Follow this link to see which teams the Young Guns are looking forward to meet in Europe.

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