No goals in a derby?

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Barrios and Sahin were disappointedSomething seems wrong when you read this question, but after 91 minutes of an, again, great game from our side, we had to face reality. While reality meant that Schalke had not scored one goal, it also meant that we hadn't either. We had about 09 100 per cent chances that actually have to go in, but then again, Schalke had Manuel Neuer. If you have to face the best keeper that has been there for a long time, you may have to accept that you will go out of a game with nil goals scored. But fortunately there were pleasant things on this day as well. Throughout the weeks before the Derby we received various emails from fans from all over the world who would come to Dortmund to see the Derby live. Hungarians, Norwegians, English, Scots and people from Luxembourg. We all met up before and after the game, had a chat, had a beer and talked about Borussia Dortmund and the reception in all over the world. Before we went into the stadium, we took a few pictures and videos and of course everyone knew the chant: shalalala, Scheisse 04!!

Before the game

Since Subotic collected his fifth yellow card in the previous game against Wolfsburg, he had the joy to watch and enjoy the game from one of the stands while "Tele" Santana stepped in next to Mats Hummels. Other than that our coach Jürgen Klopp trusted the same team that had played so well against Wolfsburg.

First half

Kevin Grosskreutz against Metzelder and Co.The mood in the stadium was absolutely amazing, everyone was excited, everyone was right there, chanting along all the time. The signs were good and so the game began. The agitation that spread throughout Schalke's team, management and fans throughout the weeks before, was clearly visible in the game of the players. They were insecure, they lost most of the balls, or in other words: we simply dominated the game. Easily. Traitor Metzelder and his fellow defense had a hard time keeping up to our brilliant offense and so they were lucky that we hadn't achieved a 3-0 lead after only 09 minutes. It was Götze (3.), Kuba (5.) and Hummels (7.) who tried to overcome Manuel Neuer, but, as I mentioned before, he is just not anyone in the goal. He was right on spot, from whichever direction we came. Throughout the next minutes, Dortmund played a fantastic game. We were dominant, we were aggressive, we enjoyed ourselves, it almost felt like we were the Bundesliga and Schalke was some little team from somewhere else who once wanted to play against a big team. They were an absolute mess. No pass-playing was working, they lost every ball in the midfield, they seemed to be behind in every matter. Dortmund on the other hand did what they wanted to do. Until they reached Manuel Neuer. There was just no getting through this guy on that day. Something that Kuba had to witness two more times in the 17th and 21st minute. Furthermore, Neuer was the man of the matchBarrios found his master in Neuer in the 35th minute. Dortmund acted very strong on the right side since Kuba and Piszczek were always striving fast to the front. Schalke's defense had a hard time to keep up to that speed. Only a couple of minutes later, Schalke tried to prove that they were actually existing and playing along by shooting the ball towards the goal from quite a distance. No danger there. It seemed more like a warm summer breeze to Weidenfeller who actually had to move. Shortly after that, the whistle rang. It is difficult to explain the first half of the game. Dortmund was superior in every way you can imagine. It was their game. They ruled the game. But when they got in front of the goal, it seemed like it was either Manuel Neuer or their own unfortunate playing that saved Schalke from falling behind. Even further behind than they already were. In other games, this game could have been over after just one half because we would have scored so many goals.

Second half

Mario Goetze did a good jobDuring the second half of the game, we stepped down from the gas a little bit. Schalke seemed to be a little bit more concentrated now and Dortmund seemed to move a bit too little. It was not like Schalke became the dominant team. They just managed to organize their defense a little bit better. However, in minute 55, our Barrios managed to sneek through and appeared in front of Manuel Neuer's goal. But again, no luck for us. And when it wasn't Neuer who drove us insane, it was the goalpost, that Lucas Barrios hit this time. You almost started to go desperate. It seemed like this was a day where it just wasn't meant to be. On the counter draw, Schalke's Farfan suddenly appeared in front of our goal but missed. It went back and forth now. A few minutes later, in minute 65 of the game, our Bender tried his luck, but again, the monster Manuel Neuer was everywhere. While Schalke's Jurado had one more chance for Schalke (but hey, we got Weidenfeller as well), the last two chances of the game went into our account. First, Lewandowski (came in for Großkreutz) and then our young gun Götze managed to do what all the other before them did. They did not hit the goal. While Lewandowski had to face Neuer again, Götze had actually overcome Neuer. But being all by himself in front of the goal, with the Schalke players a couple of meters further, he only - of course - hit the goalpost. With only one minute of additional time (by the way a joke, since it took Schalke almost 5 minutes to position the ball correctly for a free kick), the game was over way too soon.


Sahin (r.) against HuntelaarIt was a very weird game that day. The positive thing about it? We played fantastically. It was a joy to watch them coordinate through the center of the pitch, watch them running, watch them fighting. There is nothing to complain about. I guess there are these day when you could continue playing for 2 more hours but still won't hit the goal. We found a strong opponent in Manuel Neuer that day. And as much as I hate to admit it, his game is perfect. After the game, someone said to me: If the game today had been called Borussia Dortmund against Manuel Neuer, he would have won. The rest of the silly players of that silly team don't need to be mentioned. They were a joke and a pity. And hey, 4 points out of the derbies is a good result. Next week, we will play in Kaiserslautern. Let's bring those three points home, boys. But some other happy news for today: Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern München both lost today. After all, it seems that this was a good weekend.


BVB: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Hummels, Felipe Santana, Schmelzer - S. Bender, Sahin - Blaszczykowski (Zidan 89th), M. Götze, Großkreutz (Lewandowski 73rd) - Barrios

Only one point against GEScheisse 04: Neuer - Uchida, Höwedes, Traitor Metzelder, Schmitz - Annan (Papadopoulos 76th), Kluge - Farfan, Jurado (Hao 81st) - Raul, Huntelaar (Draxler 87th)

Referee: Michael Weiner (Hasede)

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