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It has been four months know since the “Kein Zwanni” campaign kicked off to huge media reactions right before the Derby in Gelsenkirchen. Standing tickets for more than 20€ and seats not under 40€ left flared tempers amongst the BVB supporters. The boycott, scheduled on short notice, saw more than 1.600 Borussia Dortmund fans handing back their tickets. Many more did not buy tickets. A huge success as the Derby certainly is the biggest match of the season. Ticket prices and price hikes were openly discussed during those two weeks leading up to the Derby.

From the beginning the initiators of the Kein Zwanni campaign pointed out that the boycott would not be a unique action against the ever faster spinning price spiral. During the last four months talks have been held to continue the action with the backing of other fan groups.

Pretty soon ticket prices could be top of the agenda again. Our away match against Hamburger SV is coming closer. Hamburg is way up front when it comes to ticket prices. Standing tickets Category A come in at 19€, adding the presale surcharge of 10%, this means 21€. Seating tickets go up to 84€ (92.40€ including presale surcharge). And that is a bargain if you look at the prices Hamburg charged Bayern supporters. Stands were 23€ and seats came close to 100€, with the highest ticket price being 94€. In fact it cannot be ruled out that Borussia supporters have to pay the same prices as the Bayern fans, if we manage to survive at the top for a few more weeks.

We Borussia Dortmund supporters of course feel morally obliged to take a stand against those prices as well. Flashback to the Derby where critics held against us that this was just another Derby skirmish. As soon as we are informed about the prices in Hamburg, this will be our chance to prove the critics wrong and to spell out our intention to the last person on earth: Football is a match for every walk of life not only for higher earners. On the background of a potential “Meister”situation for Borussia with only six matches left to play that day, this task might be even bigger than the Derby boycott in September. With Borussia fans buying tickets wherever their team is playing and with only sold out games in hand, fans currently are willing to pay every price to follow the young guns on their way to the title.

The “Kein Zwanni” campaign will be geared up and Borussia fans will be supported from the HSV supporters on that matter. Various fangroups and organizations have already backed and supported the campaign and this might be the chance to show flag against the price hike overlapping club colours.

It is a fans fight for more: We need to show the Bundesliga clubs, that price hikes and top match surcharges beyond any reason will not be accepted by us fans any longer.

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