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It was a season with a lot of magic moments, and each one of those leads to a nice shiver down our spine. You want an example? The game, after which Nuri Sahin easily spoke into the Tv-cameras, saying that he played a lot of high balls across the pitch on purpose, in order to disguise his actual wish, to play a flat deep pass. In the end, his last minute deep pass came off rather short, more important however was the fact, that he kept the ball on the pitch in an artistic way and didn't let him go into touch.
Then the one pass onto Schmelzer, whose cross from the middle was perfectly extended by a center forward, and then....Kuba, a volley ball directly into the stitches. The rest was collective frenzy, only for a few seconds though, since the assignment for the rest of the additional time was: everything and everyone up front, get that goal for the victory. Meanwhile the coach on the sideline ran the 50 meters in a time, that would have been enough for the victory lap in every track and field game, and after that act, our Jürgen Klopp showed show our boys the rightly deserved respect, like every good conductor would, by passing the audiences applaus on to the team.

And that center foward? This role was passed on to Patrick Owomoyela in the last minutes of the game against Hamburg, who was able to celebrate his comeback after his long injurybreak. Not a position he was used to, but Patrick Owomoyela is not the only player who is allowed to jump into the "remember Jan Koller" position every now and then. Also with Felipe Santana, Jürgen Klopp changed from his general principles, to only put players on their common position, and sent him onto the position of a striker in the last minutes of a game, in order to function as foward with a good head-game when high crosses reach their way up front. With all the disappointment that comes along with the fact, that he can't operate as a first team starter anymore: The feeling for "Uwe" can't have been that bad when he was able to report back on the pitch with an extremely important assist.

When it came to sports, his season was rather ill-fated. In both the seasons before it was possible to fill the vacant position of the right defense player steadily due to his engagement in summer 2008, basically the first time since Stefan Reuter. And also at the beginning of the last season, Patrick Owomoyela was a undisputed part of our defence. Until he had to take a break for a few weeks because of the occuring problems with his week spot after the game against St. Pauli, which led to an operation that knocked him out until spring. And shortly after the game in Hamburg and the new contract for another year (plus the option until 2013 if he contributes to a certain number of games), a tear in the sinew of his hip hindered him from playing. He is still being plagued by this which makes it impossible to be a part of the season preperation at the moment. On the pitch, however, Lukasz Piszczek has probably outstripped him anyway, since the Polish lad knows his work on the defensive part as secure as Patrick owomoyela does but also in the offensive game (due to his past as a winger) he is rather more striking than the previous nationalteam player.

With the return of the youngster Julian Koch, the perspective for Patrick owomoyela will be even harder. It can't really be said that Koch will be as strong as he was in Duisburg last season after his long injury, and Kochs contract ends next summer, just like the one of our number 23, but you don't have to be a prophet to question the longterm future of Patrick Owomoyela with our BVB. Our management must have had a reason to not give him a new contract for over two year but instead reached for the secure possibilty with the certain number of games Owo will have to have played.
But all this is the music of the future. What stays for today is the deep gratitude for the magical moment mentioned before- and the knowledge that we won't have any problems on the right side either way.

Written by Scherben, translated by Ida, 25.07.2011


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