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It is difficult to write about players that don't get to play too often for our team. As for players like Subotic and Hummels, we got to see so many great moments of them throughout the past season and even years, that you need to summarize them into one big thing. Our Tele Santana, however, unfortunately I might even say, does not get to play as often as the likes mentioned before. And still, it is easy to find kind words for him.
If you look at the big teams from the past years, Bremen for example, or Bayern, they achieved a lot, they have or had a lot of great players, but it always seemed like they were lacking something- or rather- someone. With Santana, we face the same unfortunate thing as we did with Dede. A thing that one can only call luxury. Luxury because we have two, or even three fantastic players for a position, that other teams are so desperately trying to fill. What would Bremen have given for a left defense player like Dede, or a defense player like Santana. And also Bayern, we had Hummels and Subotic but on top of that, we had Santana, Uli Hoeneß must have gone green with envy. And there goes the earlier mentioned problem with Santana. What to do with a guy who obviously brings a long a great amount of talent and skills when you have two players like Hummels and Subotic as well? Neither one of us would like to miss out on them, but it is nervewracking that someone like Tele Santana has wait so often in order to come in and play.
But there is the great thing about him. Whenever he got the chance, he made the best out of it. In the second half of the season we had to endure a few unfortunate moments when Subotic got a yellow/red card (surely not a deserved one) or when Hummels had problems with his back. Santana got his chance and how well he used it. After the game against St. Pauli, which we had won in a very convincing way, it was not players like Götze or Barrios that stood out for me, no, it was Tele Santana. There is this very tall lad, with these unbelievable long legs, who obviously got talent, who would be a player of the first team in every other team of the Bundesliga as Zorc had once pointed out, who comes into the game to play, and plays like he has never been a substitue player at all. His game is incredibly calm and controlled, down on the ground as well as up in the air.

It is comforting to know that there are players like Santana. Always there when you need them, without any complaints, but also unbelievably fair in their attitude. He simply is a funny and relaxed guy who gets along with his teammates and, on top of that, is a fantastic player. Like I mentioned before, an absolute luxury problem.It wouldn't be a surprise if a player like him would someday go and join another team, he is good enough to conquer the defense of the Bundesliga.
But for everything he has done for us so far, the way we could always depend on him, when he came in, he truly is a well deserved championship winner of the season 2010/2010. Thank you Santana!

Ida, 19.07.2011


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