?This action will remain in my heart forever!?

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This statement dates back to the 28th matchday. The man who stated this was Leonardo Dede, the action he refers to was performed by the player this text will be about- the youngest of the young Bundesliga champions: Mario Götze.

The move Dede was referring to took place in the Bundesliga match against Hannover. A few minutes after the 2nd halftime started, Hannover scored a very lucky goal that gave the lead and while Fans, Journalists and everybody who's interested in Football thought about a crisis in the battle for the title, it was Mario Götze who gained possession of the ball just a few metres in the enemies half. After trespassing 4 enemy players in technical class of it's own he equalized the match and brought Borussia back to the fast lane in direction to the championship.

But as awesome and mind- blowing as this move was, it was not what Dede was referring to: After scoring this tremendous goal Wizard G&ououml;tze lifted up his jersey and ran towards the bench, wearing a shirt with the number „17" and the name of our left defender-legend on it. There are not too many moments when a man is allowed to cry, but the beauty and the football romance of this move gave every man (and of course also every female Borussia fan) the permission to let some tears run.

It was not only this one great move of Mario which will remain in the „Götze- Section" of the great memory-folder. Every time when our number 31 who earned himself the name „Götzinho" gets possession of the ball, it is a short moment of joy when you can watch his smooth moves and his creativity paired with enormous speed. This boy who just celebrated his 19th birthday on June 3rd has underlined his awesome Bundesliga season with a very nice move in the national team match Germany against Azerbaijan when he initiated the attack that brought 3:1 for Germany.
But even watching the team training in Dortmund- Brackel is always amazing when you see extraordinary good defenders like Subotic, Hummels, Santana and so on getting mad when playing against the offensive midfielder.

All in all Mario has shown us that neither age nor experience are the ultimate indications for good football players- and the fact that he made us forget about the huge gap that we considered to have after Kagawa Shinji got injured at the Asia Cup underlines the potential he has. Mario, thanks a lot for your brilliant season and please just walk on! Whatever there will be: You will forever be a hero in black-yellow!

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