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"It's getting very near the end" was the final verse of the Beatles' fantastic and ground-breaking "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" – album. A milestone in music history and we all know our Borussia will create this season a milestone in Bundesliga history! Who has any doubts that our team will receive the "Meisterschale" on May 14th when we will welcome Eintracht Frankfurt for the last match in our Westfalenstadion? I'm sure nobody of us has any doubts or fears! Even after Saturday's loss in Gladbach.

Our advantage to Vicekusen is still 5 points after this weekend. With only three remaining matchdays – and to quote the Beatles again "it's getting very near the end!" And we feel confident "it's getting very near a happy end!"

To be honest it's much too early to analyse this season at the moment but it's justified to write down some thoughts. Thoughts, I assume, many of us have in their minds when we think about our Borussia and what happened during the last months.

When season 2010/2011 started last summer, Bayern was again the all time top favourite for the "Meisterschaft"! And beside the big favourite Bayern, only small chances for teams like Vicekusen, Wolfsburg, Bremen or Hamburg had been forecasted. But what happened? For Bayern the whole season was disappointing. Currently only at position 4 and in a hard competition with Hannover achieving the qualification match for the Champions League. Wolfsburg and Bremen surprisingly struggled against relegation and Hamburg's focus was a battle between management, coach, squad and fans. Only Vicekusen achieved all forecasts. On the other side teams like Hannover and Mainz amazed all experts. By the way: No surprise that fans of a team located in a suburb of Gelsenkirchen proclaimed themselves as favourite for the "Meisterschaft"! Absolutely typical for these loudmouthes! The current position and their long list of internal problems need no more comments! But now the most important and most interesting issue regarding "Deutscher Meister 2010/2011": Who of all the experts or so called experts, including us as Borussia fans, forecasted "Deutscher Meister 2011 = Borussia Dortmund?" Maybe some few hardcore optimists, but the majority of BVB fans saw Borussia in a position between 5 or maybe 3! And after the 0:2 defeat in our first match against Vicekusen it seemed to be clear that any higher ambitions would be only for dreamers! But what happened then, after that defeat in our first match was more than a dream – it was beautiful reality! Season 2010/2011 includes a lot of black'n yellow highlights. Only to mention a few, there are up to now:

4 points away from "Meisterschaft" after matchday 31!
21 wins, only 4 defeats!
Second most goals (62) in the league!
Best defense, only 19 goals against us!
Age of our team at an average of round about 23 years!
Mats Hummels, Mario Götze, Marcel Schmelzer, Kevin Grosskreutz and Sven Bender debuted as German Internationals!
And last but not least: 29 points better than Sch...e!

What a great performance this season! Not to forget that Borussia's massive financial crisis in 2005 is not so long ago! Let's all remember the words of BVB manager Aki Watzke: "In 2005, we've been in the anteroom of pathology!" And now? From Pathology to number one! What a great recovery, what a marvelous comeback! And this great comeback is even more impressive when we compare Borussia's investment and squad costs with Bayern, Wolfsburg or Sch...e! Borussia's squad is definitely not the squad with the lowest costs in the Bundesliga, but it shows that money does not mean everything in football! Good team spirit and a positive working atmosphere are also essential key factors for success! An unusual statement in these times, but our BVB shows in 2010/2011 that this statement will become reality! Thank you Borussia, thank you Jürgen Klopp, Michael Zorc, Aki Watzke and all who made this wonder come true! You've all done a great job!

We all know, next year will be harder for our Borussia! Bayern and other clubs will make efforts to return to top positions, for Borussia the Champions League will be an additional challenge. Pessimists will forecast a decrease for us in the league, but this year we have seen the value and plausibility of all these forecasts! So one recommendation when we are now "getting very near the end": Let's enjoy this whole season, let's enjoy every remaining matchday until May, 14th. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Nobody! But we know that our club is now very close to a real great happening! "Enjoy" says Jürgen Klopp in a promotional clip for a motorcar on German TV! There's nothing more to be added!

Let's enjoy and celebrate the end of a fantastic season with our fantastic team! See you all in Dortmund for a fantastic weekend in May!

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