A chemical element and the goalkeeper phenomenon

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The symbol „Al" and the atomic number 13 belong to the chemical element Aluminium. It is a solid material and the most abundant metal in the earth crust. A very interesting attribute of aluminium is the fact that it can resist corrosion.

Those are very important and valuable facts for chemists- but what does this have to do with Borussia? The connection to Borussia is a very easy one- the chemists forgot a very important attribute of aluminium: It's alive! But before I'll prove this claim, I think it is important to talk about a phenomenom which seems to ignore the laws of speed and time. But this phenomenon only shows close to 2 goalposts and a crossbar made of aluminium and so we can assume that it is linked to the chemical element of aluminium. Another regularity is that this phenomenon only applies to goalkeepers, so I will refer to it as „the goalkeeper phenomenon" in the following.

The first signs of spring accompanied the 80.720 fans who travelled to the match Borussia Dortmund – 1. FC Cologne. The table leader against the 11th, but at the same time a duel of the best teams of the 2nd half of the season. The fans from cologne- a well- known carnival stronghold- came partly- costumed to our beautiful Westfalenstadion. The only remarkable change in our lines was or better is the new sound system on the Südtribüne that was installed between the matches against St. Pauli and Cologne.

The intention is pretty obvious: If more fans can understand what songs are started, more will take over and the volume of our cheerings will increase. But this new sound system seemed to piss a single guy off so that he climbed up to the speakers and ripped off the cables- a very unnecessary conflict. I won't get to deep into this because I didn't get the exact happenings, but it seems that if we don't have anything to rage about regarding our team some have to find other possibilities to freak out- and not in the positive way.

But coming back to the reason why Germany's biggest, most beautiful... well, you know what I'm talking about- Stadium was sold out- Borussia! When the teams walked onto the pitch, around 6.000 sparklers were lit and a banner carrying the sentence „Auf dem Weg zum Ziel- keiner kann uns halten" (on our way to the target nobody can stop us) was shown. The first opportuniy came up in the 7th minute when Piszczek got possession of the ball after Mario Götze helped to get the ball and initiated an attack. Mario Götze proved his enourmos technical skills against a Colognian defender, passed into the middle to Barrios who gave the ball back to Sahin- and he sent Schmelzer on the left side. Schmerler overran his enemy and flanked the ball in front of the goal, Großkreutz prolonged but neither Barrios nor Lewandowski could score.

My first proof for the theory of the goalkeeper phenomenon can be located in the 10th minute of the match Borussia Dortmund against the 1. FC Cologne when Neven Subotic kicked the ball out of a 35-metre-distance onto the goal. Michael Rensing who has been playing for cologne since the winter break, showed a very spectacular safe.

In the 18th minute it was Manni Bender who initiated an attack through the middle. After a long run through the complete half he passed between the colognian defenders to Kevin Großkreutz who prepared the ball for Barrios, but instead of smashing the ball into the net he fumbled with the ball and tried to score the goal with his sidefoot, but before the ball could cross the goal line Pezzoli cleared the very dangerous situation.

In the 31st minute I found another situation that should enforce my theory. A corner kick from Mario Götze was headed onto the goal by Felipe Santana, but showing an inhuman reflex Rensing could prevent his team from taking severe damage.

In the following Mario Götze got possession of the ball on the right side and in a fantastic co- production with Lukasz Piszczek he started a remarkable offensive counterstrike when our 2 „younglings" outplayed in total 4 defenders. But Piszczek couldn't flank the ball in and the following corner kick couldn't bring the success either. There were no mentionable chances in the following- but out of the sudden Manni Bender played a high pass in the middle in direction of the opposing goal, but Mario Götze as well as the colognian defender missed the ball and so it was Robert Lewandowski you luckily got his chance- and he used it! From the penalty area border he shot and scored- 1:0 for Borussia Dortmund! Taking the lead to the so-called psychlogically important point of time!

After changing sides it was cologne in the 50th minute, it was cologne in person of Novakovic who quite randomly got in possession of the ball in the middle of the penalty area, but Roman Weidenfeller was awake and saved. The event that caused the chance for Cologne was a shot from Subotic who wanted to clear the situation- but the ball landed in Manni Benders face and jumped back right onto Novakovic's foot.

In minute 51 it was Großkreutz who shot onto the goal from the penalty area border, but again Rensing used the advantages of the goalkeeper phenomenon.

The match's speed is increasing, chances come up on both sides. After a corner kick shot by Götze it was again Kevin Großkreutz who tried it after inconsequent defense work. The next chance was a very good opportunity for cologne when Novakovic was alone in front of Roman Weidenfeller- luckily for us he missed the goal! In direct return Großkreutz ran on the left side and flanked the ball in- the flank didn't reach one of our players- but it went onto the goal, where Rensing directed the ball over the crossbar.

The 57th minute also proves the goalkeeper phenomenon when Michael Rensing saves against a header from Neven Subotic resulting from a corner kick and also in the 71st minute whenhe blocks against Santana, but he needs some support from Novakovic so that this scene might be doubtful evidence.

The events in the 74th minute finally are what someone could call crazy. Lewandowsky conquers the ball in our own half, passes it to Mario Götze and Mario runs deep into the enemies half, passes to Barrios who used his heel to pass the ball to Nuri on the left side, Nuri passed back into the middle to Götze who can't shoot and after unclear possession it is Lewandowsky who takes over the ball and runs to the left side of the goal to score, but again Rensing shows his class!

In order to prove the relation between the aluminium and the goalkeeper phenomenon I want to talk about the happenins of the 79th minute when Borussia Dortmund came to a magnificent attack after Nuri Sahin conquered the ball. The end of the events was when Barrios shot onto the goal- and out of the sudden the crossbar seemed to move to the ball and block it on purpose.

In the 84th minute Robert Lewandowski got possession of the ball and was nearly alone on his way to the enemy goal, only one defender was opposing him and blocking the passway to along- running Lucas Barrios- but Robert Lewandowski chose to pass instead of finishing by himself!

Just one minute later Lewandowsky initiated an attack, passed to Nuri Sahin who flanked the ball into the middle, but out of much movement nothing happened until the ball came back to Nuri Sahin who out of the sudden shot onto the goal- and again it was the crossbar that prevented Cologne from receiving the 2:0.
Another remarkable chance for our boys occured just another minute later when Lewandowsky was attacked again in front of the penalty area- but he remained in possession of the ball and shot- but the shot missed the goal.

All in all you can say that our team didn't score enough goals compared to our immense amount of chances (27:7), but the only thing that really is important in the end are the 3 points and to be honest, if you saw the celebration after the match there is no reason to be mad but more to be proud of anything that's evolved from the nearly death in 2005! DEUTSCHER MEISTER WIRD NUR DER BVB!

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