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Cologne in fall 2010Cologne, a rather big city around 100 km south of Dortmund, with the river Rhine floating its way through the city, dividing it in two seperate parts. Cologne, the city where once a year the big event called Carnival takes place. It is the time of Carnival right now. Wherever you look, people run around in costumes, drinking, celebrating, listening to idiotic music, having a good time. Colognes hymne "mer stonn zu dir" (we stand by your side) can be heard everywhere you go. And yet, the mood is a little cautious, it seems like people know that there is something else in the air. But what could it be? Of course, football-carnival does not take place in Cologne this time. It takes place in another city. A city who couldn't care less about Carnival. Just any city or town? Of course not. It's the city where all Cologne fans start to groan and to moan as soon as they hear its name. It's the city of that team, they tend to fail against. It's the city of the team against whom they made a fool out of themselves the last time. It's the city of our Borussia. It's the city called Dortmund.

Podolski shot the 1-1I am quite positive that when you talk to BVB fans about their highlights of this season everyone will mention the Derbyvictory as well as the victory against Bayern. But there is one other thing that got stuck in the head of the people. A special scene between two young football players. One, talented, smart, decent, amazingly handling the ball, playing for the Turkish Nationalteam. The other, rather idiotic, semi-talented, big mouthed, not quite capable of the German language, playing for the German Nationalteam. Of course I am talking about our Nuri Sahin und Colognes so called jewel Lukas Podolski. We all remember Lukas Podolski provoking our Sahin after he had scored the 1:1 very late within the game. And we all remember Sahins reaction to that. He simply scored the 2:1. In the 92. minute of the game. The perfect answer for an idiot like Lukas Podolski. On that note dear Nuri, please do it again :-)

Sahin and Lewandowski celebrated the 1-2The signs look well for an interesting game between 1. FC Cologne and BV Borussia Dortmund 09. After the victory against Bayern Munich last week, Dortmund seems to be in better shape than ever before. As so often in this season, they totally dominated Bayern and had complete control over the game. Why do it differently against Cologne? Furthermore Dortmund hasn't lost any of the last 13 games against Cologne at home. (12 victories, 1 tie). On the other hand though, here is Cologne. A team whos descent into the second Bundesliga every now and then seems almost like a law of nature. And throughout the season it almost looked like this law of nature might snatch again. However, Cologne had a crisis, fired Michael Meier(yes, that one), fired their coach, got Frank Schaefer as a coach and Volker Finke as a manager. It looks like the outcome of that is working. Cologne won 4 of the last 6 games of the Bundesliga, two games resulted in a tie and they are eager to trip us up now as well. Are we going to let this happen? I don't think so. Their offense-duo Podolski and Novakovic is scoring on a regular basis, but then again, our defense is the best of the league. That should do. But yet, this looks like a promising and interesting game. Cologne will be eager (also as a kind of revenge for the last game), but Dortmund will be fighting as well. After it was now mentioned that there was a good possibility of winning the German Championship, I am sure the boys will be eager to do everything in order to win it.
It is not clear if Weidenfeller can playSo it is going to be the best team of the second half of the season against the second best team. Or in other words, number one of the chart against number eleven of the chart.

It appears like our Roman Weidenfeller might be back after he had to sit out on the game against Bayern due to his knee injury. Mitch Langerak did a fantastic job to cover for Roman and the final okey from Romans side will be given shortly before the game.. If Roman is fit again, he will most certainly play. If not, we have our Mitch to support the team. On the other hand the back injury of Zidan is still too painful and he will continue to recover.

Come on dear Borussia, make us happy, ruin Colognes Carnival, and keep those three points at home.

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller (Langerak) - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Bender, Sahin - Götze, Lewandowski, Großkreutz - Barrios.

1. FC Cologne: Rensing - Brecko, Mohamad, Pezzoni, Eichner - Lanig, Petit - Jajalo, Podolski, Clemens - Novakovic.

Referee: Perl (Pullach)

Where?: Westfalenstadion (sold out)

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