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The teams in front of us will stumble - as well as Wickede

29.04.2010, 14:02 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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Kevins ColumnWho would have expected that before the start of the season? With our win at Nuremberg and Hamburgs defeat at Sinsheim, Borussia is qualified for the Europa League two match-days before the finish. For Kevin an exciting season turns to the home stretch. Today Kevin looks back on the latest games and his first year as pro at Borussia and talks about his job as coach of Phoenix Evings U13 team. Kevins column – here comes the pro:

Hey Blacknyellows,

at the moment we´re all in a good mood. We´ve secured the Europa League spot and want to reach the 3rd position now, but have to watch, what Bremen and Leverkusen will do. But on Saturday, we have to focus on ourselves and win the game. When we´re on the pitch we don´t think about the other teams, but after the match we will watch their results and I hope that Bremen against Schalke will be a draw. Bayern will win against Bochum and in Berlin to win the League title. The Blues won´t make it, that much is for certain.

But back to me. Against Nuremberg it was once again a special moment for me. We have fixed the Europa League there. I climbed the fence gladly and won´t need anybody to tell me the lyrics of the chants there. Because I still know them all. My first year in Dortmund is coming towards its end now. I would have never thought, to finish the season as regular starter. I have been giving my all for the team and the club since day one. That has been rewarded. Since the match at Hoffenheim I´ve been on the starting line-up and before that I had my minutes as substitute. The coach always trusted me. Nobody would have thought, that we finish the season in such a great position. To reach the Europa League qualifiers or even the Champions League qualifiers is outstanding. When I see Hamburg play in the Europa League tonight, I am very happy, that the German teams do so well internationally. That is good for us, too. But I do not follow the UEFA five year ranking very closely.

When the Bundesliga season is over, there will still be some matches for me as coach. Yesterday we had a match with the U13 team of Phoenix Eving and won 2:0. Now we´re in second position only two points behind Wickede. If we catch them and get promoted, that would round up a perfect year for me. Regrettably we do not have the chance to play against Wickede again this season. When we played them lately, we received the 1:1 equalizer in the final minute. But they will stumble before the season finishes, as will the teams in front of us in the Bundesliga table. And then everything will be all good.

Blacknyellow greetings,


Recorded by steph, translated by Web 29.04.2010

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