The fairytale of King Kloppo and Castle Sevillana

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A long time ago there were some young men who came from a kingdom in a wonderful area called Ruhrpott. This area was full of joy, delicious meals and drinks and the people who lived there were the kindest and nicest people you could imagine. The King of Dortmundia was called King Kloppo and he was a very wise and powerful man who was surrounded by his minister of the interior Aki Watzko and his scout Michaelin Zorcus.

Those 3 men set up an army of knights who defended the beautiful colours of the kingdom: yellow and black. The people who lived in the neighbouring areas feared their strength and commitment. The knights from Dortmundia won nearly any battle that came up and conquered area after area. They were an elite division of the kingdom and consisted of a lot of very young men in the best age and were led by some middle- aged very experienced knights.

One day King Kloppo sat on his throne and called his ministers to his side. „Aki and Michaelus, report to me the situation of my kingdom!“ „Honoured King Kloppo, we conquered nearly any area we went for. Just the small area called 'Bayer' is resisting- their economy is developed in a way that's not accessable to us. We should take some more time before we try again!“, told Watzko. King Kloppo thought a short moment about Watzkos words and went on: „So Michaelin, what can you report?“ „King Kloppo, I went far beyond our borders and discovered an area where nobody has been for a long time. This area is called 'Europia' and it offers many ressources.“

Zorcus' report was the beginning of a new offense. The knights of Dortmundia went to the newly discovered areas, but it seemed that it was way harder to conquer them than the lordships before. Even areas who seemed to be underdeveloped resisted in a manner that has never been seen before. But the knights marched on and even though they were pushed back by some troops they reached Castle Sevillana- the last citadel that was standing between King Kloppo and winning the battle for Europia.

Dortmundias knights got the first blow and crushed the walls of Castle Sevillana. It was the young Kagawa who tore down a part of Castle Sevillana's defensive wall. But the opposing troops didn't seem to be too impressed and stormed out to confront the potential conquerors. It took them a short while to gather, but when they positioned themselves they embroiled the attackers in several fights. The dortmundian knights were pushed back more and more and the Sevillanian warlords Romaric and Kanouté landed some critical hits.

But the collective in yellow and black didn't concede the battle and it was the knight Subotic who landed a critical hit in return where he used his head for early on the second day. The battle continued, but something went pretty wrong. Confusion found its way into the dortmundian lines. „What is going on“ was a question not only Mats Hummels asked himself. But he was it, who discovered what's going on: The Sevillanans had a powerful ally on their side- the dark magician Nikolaev.

He used his dark force to manipulate the time and to summon illusions which confused their enemies. Suddenly the knights saw people crying and winding themselves injured on the ground filled from pain although they weren't even touched. Nikolaev's magic changed the whole battle and even though the Dortmundian knights did their best, they couldn't go on the way they wanted. Although the magical timestops prolonged the day itself, the illusions and exhaustion forced the Dortmundian knights to fallback.

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Maybe the story above is not a real fairytale but a fantasy story, but in fact the match between the FC Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday evening wasn't a fairytale for us as well. Furthermore it can't be called „normal football match“ because what was missing were Fair Play and Respect, moral values that the UEFA promotes and calls to be very important and undeniable.

Those values were betrayed by the Russian referee Alexei Nikolaev who didn't react properly on the very disgusting manner of playing for time that was acted by the players of FC Sevilla. Whether it was goalkeeper Palop who needed felt 3 minutes for the goal-kick, the field players who lay after very slight contacts on the floor winding themselves in pain or even the ball crew who threw another ball on the floor when for example Weidenfeller wanted to proceed a fast goal-kick- this was a lot but no good promotion for the sport called football.

Jürgen Klopp said after the match that if this loss was caused by a lack of international experience he is pleased even without this experience and that he can can go on without it well. Everybody who saw the team fighting- especially in the second half-time can only be proud about what Borussia Dortmund has shown on the stage called Euro League.


Sevillanian defenders: Palop - Konko, Alexis, Escudé, Dabo - Zokora, Romaric - Perotti, Kanouté, Capel - Luis Fabiano

Dortmundian Knights: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Bender, Sahin - Kuba, Kagawa, Götze - Barrios

Substitutions: 41. Renato for Kanouté, 60, Cáceres for Perotti, 86. Fazio for Romaric - 67. Lewandowski for Kuba, 78. da Silva for Bender, 87. Le Tallec for Schmelzer

Goals: 0:1 Kagawa (4., Schmelzer), 1:1 Romaric (31., Luis Fabiano), 2:1 Kanouté (35., Perotti), 2:2 Subotic (49., Sahin)

Corners: 5:3 (3:1)

Referee: Alexei Nikolaev (Russia)

Attendance: 30000

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