Dear Christchild

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sternsinger The season just started and half over again. On Saturday you have the last chance to see our beloved Borussia in 2010. At the end of this exitend, extraoridnary, fantastic, wonderful, dominating, astonishing the schedule leads us to the river Main. In "Crime City". There, where the fans are more diehard than some steak. In Short. In Frankfurt we are awaited by the local Eintracht. But in the darkest and forbidden area is, on christmas time, a little light glitters, which makes one feel reflective and leads one back to times where we all wrote whishlists. We want to continue that tradition today.

Dear Christchild

my whish for this years Christmas
three points in Frankfurt, that would be best.
Not that you believe to be fopped
On Saturday i want the Hessen to be flogged.

As a smart boy in church, I know it is not alway easy
but it helps no cant - the championship shall arrive.
So keep the pitch from snow and ice,
otherwise our boys start gliding - don't do something unwise

don't want chocolade, or almond nor nut
ust let us go on winning until the end of first leg.
And if you help us, I barely can wait for it,
on silent night an eagle will be servend as roast.

But if you don#t help us, I get mean,
got you registered in GE, the blue wasteclub.
That it is over with all the presents and gifts,
Felix is going to need all the money for it.

I hope that helps and you help us at the Main
quicken Roman and he won't let one pass.
-And for the far ahead - excuse the avidity
let our boys score - four goals woud be nice.

Going home victoriously, we decorate the tree feastful
On top of it the table to look at it daily
'cause at the top, who thought about it a year ago,
shines our Borussia in black and yellow Borussia all alone.

We don't want anything else, that would be our luck,
-so do your best - I'll come back to this again
otherwise your college of yours would suffer,
I hold Santa Claus as hostage

Enough of all the threadening, you shoud have understand it,
and on saturday in Frankfurt we reach three points.
Look down from heaven on the match
and, dear Christchild, you also will become a fan of Borussia

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Schmelzer, Subotic, Hummels, Piszczek - Bender, Sahin, Götze, Großkreutz (Kuba) - Barrios (Lewandowski)

Eintracht Frankfurt: Fährmann - S. Jung, Vasoski, Clark, Tzavellas - Schwegler, Köhler - Ochs, Amanatidis, Halil Altintop - Gekas

Referee: Deniz Aytekin (that could turn out as quit a mess)

Assistants: Leicher, Schiffner

Fourth official: Dingert

Written by: Sascha

Translated by: kha

kha, 18.12.2010


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