A day in a prison in Seville IV

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Here is the 4th report from a person arrested in Seville. We publish these reports because it is important for us to document the incredible events that happened right in the centre of the European Union. Reports from fans of other clubs show that these are no singular events. We thank all of the victims that sent in their reports on such short notice.

Since, on your homepage, you asked for reports about the unbelievable misbehavior of the police, here are the terrible experiences of my father in law. he is a Bosnian pensioner with a Swedish citizenship, who was banished from his home country due to the Yugoslavian war and therefore lives in Sweden now. We had already planned this trip months before and were, of course, really excited about it. Throughout the years I had infected him with the BVB virus (I, myself, have been a fan for about 30 year), and since then he is a passionate fan.

On the day of the game we had visited the city and in the evening we had a peaceful night with Sevilla-fans (photos are existing). On the way to the entrance of the stadium the problems began. For incomprehensable reasons my father in law was suddenly thrown to the ground by a number of policemen and he got handcuffs put on him. Since he is not speaking any foreign language he shouted in Bosnian again and again: "I am not guilty, I didn't do anything. What do you want from me?" This, the police took for a reason to hit him with bats. He was injured at the back of his head, in the face and had a huge bruise on his thigh. Due to the injuries he was brought to hospital by a number of policemen, in an unbelievable way, with handcuffs on. There he noticed how even the doctor shouted at the police to leave the poor old man alone. This did not seem to impress the men at all. More so he was put to prison. There the beatings continued. On the way to his cell he was hit with bats a number of times, they even hit his glasses off from his face.

He had to spend the whole night in a freezing cold cell, without water or food. The next day he was brought to court. He was supposed to sign a guilt acceptance and pay 1200 Euros, then he would be released. At the beginning he didn't want to do that at all. "I don't sign anything that I didn't do." The translator just talked to him, he wouldn't get out of Spain and go straight to prison. Under this pressure he broke down and signed- just like it was reported in various internet discussion boards- a complete made up guilt-acceptance. The only thing they allowed him to do was to pay the amount in Sweden. If he doesn't do this, the Swedish police would come and get the money. Since he doesn't own this amount of money, I will pay for him.

Alex Günther, 30.12.2010

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Editors, 30.12.2010


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