Roman is on fire - Let us continue this run - Interviews with Subotic and Langerak

10.11.2010, 17:43 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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It is a gloomy day in Dortmund. The rain is drizzling down, a rough wind blows and coming in to the city the U is hidden behind clouds, only some yellow shining through the grey. But never mind the bad weather, it is all sunshine down at training ground in Brackel. Some 100 people have gathered to watch the first training session of our boys in black and yellow. Rumors of the call up of at least three Borussia young guns circulate among the packed journo area until Kevin Großkreutz smiles and says: “Yes, it is true”.

We got hold of Neven Subotic and Mitch Langerak to find out about the trips to Paris and Hannover and hear about what is next for Borussia. “Roman is on fire”, says Langerak and Subotic adds “what the fans do, is unheard of in Europe”.

Here we go

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