Thank god it was a League day

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Thank god it was a league day. In comparison to our average matches in DFB-Cup and Europa League, Borussia once again proved, that in German Bundesliga, they rule them all. Hannover 96Celebration after the final whistle was sent home with a devastating 4-0 (1-0) defeat and Borussia is celebrating on top of the ranking, now being four points ahead of secondly-ranked Mainz 05. This season is just that damn great. Every time you think that now there has to be a bit of stumbling, Borussia laughs about that thinking and erases all questions marks in the faces of its supporters.

Before the match

Borussia started with the same line-up as in Paris with Piszczek being able to play, Götze replacing Kuba on the right side and the rest of the team being "the same procedure as every week". Skol! On the other side of the pitch, Hannover missed five players in Andreasen, Carlitos, Pogatetz, Schmiedebach and Schulz, famous "I will be a member of the national squad one day" Mike Hanke was thrown out of the team days before the match against Borussia as well as Jan Schlaudraff who was a famous replacement player for Bayern Munich a few years ago. Oh wait, who was Bayern Munich again? I forgot about the teams being twelve points behind us in the ranking...
Round about 10.000 supporters of great BVB found their way to the sold-out Niedersachsenstadion in Hannover and once again supported their team in the way the fans of Borussia are known for all over the country and at least since Thursday, in Paris as well.

First half

10.000 yellow-blacks in HannoverBorussia started furiously when youngster Mario Götze fought for a ball which seemed to be already lost, Sahin assisted Kagawa Shinji who managed to find a space between three defenders of 96 and scored the early lead (11th). A perfect start for our young guns! A few minutes later, Kagawa missed the goal with a nice shot from the edge of the penalty area after the ball was given to him by Super-Lucas. Especially in these first minutes of the match, Kagawa's play was very impressive after he he did not play that noticeably over the last few weeks. Hannover had problems with the very dominant Borussia and only one real opportunity during the first 45 minutes of the game, when Didier Ya Konan overcame Hummels' defense only by using his hand, but fortunately missed the goal with his strong shot (40th).

Second half

Like in the first half, Borussia got the first opportunity after the break when Piszczek's throw-in found Götze, whose shot out of eight metres was blocked by Fromlowitz and Barrios' additional contribution was not good enough to overcome the keeper of Hannover as well (54th). On the other side of the pitch, Stoppelkamp appeared in front of Weidenfeller but he made sure that Borussia will maintain the status of the best defense of the Bundesliga after the match, with only seven goals against us in eleven matches. Five minutes later, Weidenfeller saved again, this time against joker Mikael Forssell. But not only our defense is in a great shape these days, as we proved with the 2-0. Sahin proved all his class by playing a long ball on the right side for Piszczek, whose cross was exploited by Super-Lucas in the middle of the penalty area (72nd). Great move, great team, great season!
Sahin misses his penalty kickAfterwards, there was some kind of trouble in paradise, when Hannover's Haggui slightly kicked Kuba in his head, which ended up in Haggui being sent off the pitch and Borussia being awarded a penalty, which Sahin missed (78th). However, it should not count at the end of the day, thanks to our Polish connection consisting of jokers Lewandowski and Kuba who combined with a great heel trick by Lewy which brought Kuba in position. He was beaten by Fromlowitz, but the leather went to Lewy who scored for the third time being a joker for BVB (81st). Great to have a forward like him on the bench. Not being content with the 3-0 lead, Piszczek and da Silva tested Fromlowitz again, but the best player of Hannover was victorious in these situations. However, one goal was still in when da Silva assisted Kuba with a brilliant pass and the Polish national showed no mercy with Hannover and scored for the last time this evening (90th). In the end, it was a very convincing, deserved victory with some minutes of letting Hannover go, but our victory was at risk at no time.


Kloppo very contentDreaming is not forbidden at these days. Once again, the supporters in Hannover sung about the championship ("Who will become championship winner – BVB Borussia") but everyone knows that it is still a long time to go and that all we have accomplished so far is incredible enough. In the Bundesliga, we nearly got 85% of all possible points which is a very impressing number, we are unbeaten for 9 days now and the way Borussia plays is a real pleasure to see. But let's be honest enough to say that this does not have to last forever even though everyone should be agreeing that it should. However, on Friday, we play Hamburger SV which will be a hard opponent to beat but in some way, we have earned ourselves a position in which we can't lose something. One thing is for sure, we will be the head of the Bundesliga at the end of day 12 and with 12 points being ahead of German championship winner Bayern Munich and 19 points ahead of blue-white, the world could hardly be more yellow-black than it is now. So keep dreaming, guys and most importantly, keep smiling since these days, nobody should be happier than a supporter of Borussia Dortmund.


Hannover 96: Fromlowitz - Cherundolo, Eggimann, Haggui, Djakpa - Stindl, Pinto - Stoppelkamp, Rausch - Abdellaoue, Ya Konan

Subs: Forssell for Abdellaoue (46th), Beasley for Stoppelkamp (57th), Avevor for Stindl (80th)

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller (2,5) – Piszczek (2,5), Subotic (3), Hummels (3), Schmelzer (3)- Bender (3), Sahin (2) – Götze (2,5), Kagawa (2,5), Großkreutz (3)– Barrios (2,5)

Subs: Lewandowski and Kuba for Barrios and Götze (75th), da Silva for Sahin (83rd)

Goals: 0-1 Kagawa (11th), 0-2 Barrios (72nd), 0-3 Lewandowski (81st), 0-4 Kuba (90th)

Bookings: Piszczek, Barrios

Sent-offs: Haggui (77th)

Events: Sahin misses penalty kick (78th)

Attendance: 49.000 (sold-out Niedersachsenstadion)

Referee: Brych (Munich)

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