Pars fan Kenny has found a home away from East End Park

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A few weeks ago, right before the Wolfsburg match we had the chance to meet up with Kenny from Scotland. He is member of the Planet Dortmund fanclub which travels over to see Borussia play. If you are based up in Scotland make sure you contact them or the Edingburg Borussen and make plans to finally come over to see mighty Borussia play. Kenny caught the eye of Graham Gibson, a writer for Dunferlime Press, he contacted him and came up with this lovely little story on Kenny's travels near and far.

Crowds of more than 80,000 creating a raucous atmosphere as they stand and drink beer at games sounds like a tale from a bygone age for Scottish football fans. However, for one lifelong Pars supporter it is very much a reality as he has become hooked on the experience of watching German side Borussia Dortmund play in the Bundesliga. Kenny Lockhart has been supporting Dunfermline for nearly 40 years but now prefers to spend his hard earned cash travelling to Dortmund after falling in love with the city while watching Scotland play Germany in a Euro 2004 qualifier.

Kenny said, "I loved the city immediately and the stadium just blew me away. The atmosphere was fantastic. They have got terracing behind the goals which holds about 25-26000. "It's just like the old games as you can drink beer and don't get hassle. The only nightmare is when you need the toilet. "It takes your breath away and we can go in the stand about an hour and a half before a game and it is already packed." The fan friendly setup and price of watching top level German football is also a huge attraction for Kenny compared to the cost of following the Pars. He said, "All the public transport in the city is free if you have a match ticket, which costs around 15 euros, to anywhere in the region on the day of the game.

"There is club beer garden next to stadium and you can stay there all night and watch the highlights of all the games on a Saturday. The atmosphere is incredible. "It's so cheap. If I wanted to go see Dunfermline up at Inverness, it would cost way more to go up there, with transportation and hotels, than to go to Germany. I can get cheap flights, cheap hotels, and now we've met people we stay with them so we don't have hotel costs." Kenny, whose first Pars match was in 1973 against Brechin, still makes sure to take a little bit of Dunfermline to Dortmund with him each time courtesy of his Pars kilt. He said, "I'd rather save up and go see Dortmund a couple of times a year. They are a very young team playing some great football and when they score it's like going back to the old days with everybody going mental. "The good thing about the league is you don't know who's going to win it, as it's such a level playing field. "I get really passionate about watching them and view the games online when they're playing. I have a real feeling for them, up to the same as Dunfermline, but I think I'd still want the Pars to win in a Uefa Cup game."

Graham Gibson

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