Boys from Planetdortmund pay Dortmund a visit

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Borussia playing Wolfsburg and the boys from Scotland attending? We had to take the opportunity to chat to Kenny, Kevin and Craig before the match. We invited them into Dortmund’s famous Rote Erde stadium, which hosts a great beer garden and of course these days is home to our second team.

Up until 1974 people would climb up the trees to watch Borussia play. They saw Borussia thrash Benfica, they saw Scheiße player Friedel Rausch bewilderly looking at a dog bite. In Rote Erde German Sheperd Dogs knew whom to attack. The fans were standing next to the pitch, sometimes even crossing the line. "Rollis Sahne Schokoladen" Ice-Cream was sold and roasted almonds were a must have for the young fan. The older ones would follow a Dortmund tradition and drank the famous "Stifts" beer. Rote Erde was build in 1926 and was Borussia's home from 1937 onwards. During the roaring 60s it had a capacity of 42.000 people and in 1967 hosted the Germany vs Albania Euro Championship qualifier, which Germany won 6-0. When Westfalenstadion was opened right before the World Cup in 1974 the wooden auxiliary stand on the east side was demolished. But other than that the ground has bascially been untouched in all those years. Today it is heritage-protected. But our beloved game has not been untouched by time. Not only the style of play has changed but the way we go and see a match has changed. The game has become more international, flight connections make a trip over to see mighty Borussia affordable from everywhere in Europe. And today Borussia can look on a lot of European Fanclubs supporting the club. One of the international epicentres is Scotland. So why do people from Scotland follow Borussia? How often do they visit Dortmund? What do they think about the boycott? How do they connect with other fans from abroad? And of course what is underneath those kilts? All questions answered below:

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