The English view on "ze Klassiker": An Apology from the motherland

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Lesezeit: ca. 5 Minuten goes Worldcup 2010In the aftermath of Germany´s 4:1 landslide against the motherland of the sport, our English expert Matty has shown a perfect example of English sportsmanship. He immediately acknowledged that his predictions were proven wrong and even sent in a formal apology. This goes to show once again why you have to love those people from the funny little island in the sea, even though we´re bitter rivals when we meet on the pitch. Everyone can be a good winner, but to loose with dignity is a much harder task. This text shows how to do it in style! Cheer up Matty, the next foul decision by the refs should be in Englands favour.

Matty from England:

I like to think I have a fair bit of knowledge about the beautiful game, especially as I am now an avid follower of the Bundesliga and the mighty BVB. However I must have had one of those mad moments that all Englishman have in the World Cup when I tipped my nation to beat Germany. All of my points stating the Klose and Poldi would be easily dealt with by Terry, plus the fact that we would have space for Rooney to exploit in front of your defence were in hindsight complete rubbish (much like England) and I apologise for now leading with my heart rather than my head.
One of the key characteristics of watching the German game which we discuss on journeys home from matches is the quality of how sides keep the ball in midfield, there is no panic when going forward as it is a measured build up play. The problem is with how we as a nation play the game, Arsenal are the nearest side we have to the style of football that can hurt the opposition but they have only one semi-regular English player in their squad, Theo Walcott and he was deemed not good enough for England’s 23. The Three Lions (mere pussycats in this tournament) treat the ball like the proverbial hot potato as if we have not the got near the goal in five passes the option to strike the ball long is the way to go, an option when you have Crouch in your side but not when Defoe is your striker, the Germans keep the ball with love something that us repressed Englishman fail to do as that clearly is just not English.
The ghost of 1966 and that Wembley goal can now also be banished, it is pleasing to see that the press in England have not jumped on the bandwagon for that being the reason that the 44 years of hurt will add another four to it, but surely there has to be a time when video technology comes into the game, as how can you explain to someone who was watching football for the first time yesterday that it was not a goal as it does make a mockery of what is the greatest show on earth. The moment brought back memories of the derby in September when it worked in Neuer’s favour previously as Barrios shot hit the crossbar and bounced down over the line but the referee failed to give the goal, let’s hope the next time it happens to him he is wearing the blue of S04 and it matters just as much.
I am now torn on who I would want to win the World Cup, I am a big fan of Maradona as he is such a great character but I would be happy for my friends in Dortmund if their country were to win the World Cup again, so there must be only thing for it I am nailing my cards to the chest and am now a fan of Paraguay and I am hoping that Super Lucas and not so Super Nelson can create history for their nation. I really do hope that Football Comes home to Paraguay.
Yours from a very depressed England,

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