Bochum away - An update from Kent

16.03.2010, 14:09 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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It has been some eleven months since we last met up with the four lads from Kent. Borussia played Hamburg that day and word had it that there was this bunch of madmen travelling over from the UK to see Borussia play. We met up with them, chatted and stayed in touch.

In the meantime they came over and saw Borussia play at home quite a few times. They connected with far travelled big Joerg of Planetdortmund and formed a supporters club, the first of its kind in the UK. Norbert Dickel invited them to join him on stage for a half time interview against Nürnberg and they certainly enjoyed their time up there with the Borussia legend. But it was not until this Saturday they were able to catch a Borussia Dortmund away match. And what a brilliant day it was. After a few beers and Bratwursts and a purchase of the mythic Currywurstsauce (400ml in a glass, which eventually found its way home) in the Bermuda Triangle we headed up to Castroper Straße to meet with schwatzgelb-Videowizard Peter.

Here is our little update on the adventures of our four dedicated fans from UK, Neil, Robert, Justin and Matthew. And introducing the new guy: Tom!

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