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Hi BVB Fans, Hi Fanclubs

Unthinkable, most of you will say after reading the headline

Not for us anymore:
With all consequences we will boycott the upcoming Derby against Schalke on Sunday,September 19th. Some Fanclubs have already waved the right to claim their tickets, others will hand them back to the club


Ticket prices have dramatically increased for the Derby. Standing comes in at 22€, and seats are on sale for an average price of 55€. We believe that this is an attempt to establish higher ticket prices altogether, we have decided to fight this. It is not an action taken against Gelsenkirchen (where the fans are also touched by those problems) but against a long term development, which is gonna harm football at large. We understand the Derby boycott only as a beginning to more actions to follow under the label "Kein Zwanni für nen Steher" (Twenty-Euro for standing – no way!). Our long-term objective is a fair pricing system in every stadium in Germany.

What can I do to be part of it?

Tickets already bought can be handed back. Borussia is consent to take back tickets straightforward. Money will be reimbursed. We will inform you about the best way to handle soon. We are also planning to jointly see the Derby in Dortmund.

What will our abstinence change?

Everyone taking part in the boycott takes a stand against the trend of prices. The bigger the group, the stronger the impact. We appeal to everyone of you to consider if you want to be part of this development or if you want to stop it. The more fans will take part, the higher prospect of success

But doesn't it harm the team?

Of course it is not easy to not support the team in a Derby. But we want to have colorful and noisy terraces in the future and succeeding generations that can experience the fascination of football and Borussia – inside the stadium. To fight for this, we have to take this step now. The team will be informed about the boycott and its wherefores.

Within the next days we will get back to you, to outline the backgrounds of our boycott

Be part of it – point out the problematic nature to your friends and waive the Derby on September 19th
Together we can move forward as an example and point the way against the forcing up of prices in Germany! Stop the rip-off!

Nothing, which is worth fighting for, comes naturally to you

For the signatories

Daniel Lörcher (The Unity) und Marc Quambusch (Borussen Sailors Hamburg)

Backed by:

09 Promille Bonn,
19/09 Ruhrpott Stakeholders
1909 Dezibel - Harz,
1909% schwarzGELB Gaisbach,
Ahrtal-Borussen 09,
Aktive Mendener,
Alten Kameraden 87,
Amando Dortmund,
Ater Flavus Nord,
Auf gute Freunde Hagen,
Away-Sups Werdohl`93,
Baalberger Bierussen,
Ball Heil Hurra,
Bastardos Datteln,
Beerfighter Werl,
Bekloppten Dreizehner 09,
Bergeshöh Borussen 08,
Biene Majas Hinterland,
Bierussia Niedersachsen,
Binger Borussen,
Blackstars Werl,
Blombergs schwarzgelbe Jungs,
Borussen Adler 2010,
Borussen Bulldocks,
Borussen Bulldogs,
Borussen Devils,
Borussen Majas,
Borussen Patronat
Borussen Sailors Hamburg,
Borussen Spezis Unna
Borussen-Brummer Clusorth-Bramhar,
Borussenliebe Dortmund,
Borussia Fanclub Ingelfingen,
Borussia Supporters Hamm,
Bottroper Hoppers,
Brigade Borussia 82,
BVB 09 Fanclub Schwarzes Gold,
BVB Bavarians,
BVB Boys Aschersleben eV 93,
BVB Danclub Kenntucky Weisenkinder
BVB Fan Club Oeventrop Freienohl,
BVB Fan- und Förderabteilung,
BVB Fanatics Damme,
BVB Fanatics Luxemburg,
BVB Fanclub "The Best" Rheine 1992 e.V.
BVB Fanclub 1995 Südlohn,
BVB Fanclub Aachen,
BVB Fanclub Abfahrt23,
BVB Fanclub Ahaus,
BVB Fanclub BARussia
BVB Fanclub Bergischer Hammer
BVB Fanclub Bochum,
BVB Fanclub Bochum-Stiepel,
BVB Fanclub Borussen - Fans Herne
BvB Fanclub Büren`78,
BVB Fanclub Castroper-Jungen
BVB Fanclub Castrop-Rauxel,
BVB Fanclub Coesfeld e.V.,
BVB Fanclub Coesfeld,
BVB Fanclub Desenberg Warburg
BVB Fanclub Die Pharisäer Wanne-Eickel
BVB Fanclub Dortmund West,
BVB Fanclub Dortmund-Süd
BVB Fanclub Elbborussen
BVB Fanclub Ennigerloh,
BVB Fanclub FC Sansibar,
BVB Fanclub Finnentrop-Sauerland,
BVB Fanclub Flensburger Borussen,
BVB Fanclub Forza-Borussia 1996,
BVB Fanclub Gib mich die Kirsche,
BVB Fanclub Giessen,
BVB Fanclub Goldfinger Göttingen
BVB Fanclub Hameln,
BVB Fanclub Hegedex Südtirol
BVB Fanclub Heinrich - Czerkus,
BVB Fanclub Herdecke,
BVB Fanclub Herford,
BVB Fanclub Hilter,
BVB Fanclub Hochsauerland,
BVB Fanclub INA 09,
BVB Fanclub International e.V.,
BVB Fanclub Lattenschuss,
BVB Fanclub Lieseborussen,
BVB Fanclub Lippborg,
BVB Fanclub Lucas 18 Schwerte,
BVB Fanclub Lünen Alstedde e.V.
BVB Fanclub Meschede 1991
BVB Fanclub Niederelbe,
BVB Fanclub Oelder Borussen 09 e.V
BVB Fanclub Ortenau e.V.,
BVB Fanclub Peckelsheim
BVB Fanclub Phoenix aus der Asche,
BVB Fanclub Powerland,
BVB Fanclub Schmerzfrei Dortmund,
BVB Fanclub SchwarzGelbe Götter,
BVB Fanclub Seeborussen,
BVB Fanclub Selm e.V.,
BVB Fanclub Süd-Winners,
BVB Fanclub Support Together,
BVB Fanclub Ungarn,
BVB Fanclub Vestland-Borussen,
BVB Fanclub Vogelsberg 1997 e.V.,
BVB Fanclub Waldeck,
BVB Fanclub Wittgenstein,
BVB Fanclub Wittipower,
BVB Fanclub zum Brunnen Werl,
BVB Fangemeinschaft Arnsberg,
BVB Fangemeinschaft Arnsberg,
BVB Fans Altena,
BVB Fans Dreierwalde - Aa POWER 198,
BVB Freunde Deutschland,
BVB Freunde Ennigerloh,
BVB Freunde Nord-West
BVB Fundament,
BVB IG-Rhein-Berg
BVB Korsaren Bodensee,
BVB Supporter Oberlausitz,
BVB Supporters Erzgebirge,
BVB Supporters Lennetal,
BVB Supporters Marsberg,
BVB Supporters Mittlerer Westen,
BVB Supporters Mömlingen,
BVB Supporters Münster,
BVB Supporters Rheinland,
BVB Supporters Treis,
BVB Supporters-Berlin,
BVB Supps Bocholt,
BVB Tigers Belgium,
BVB True Love,
BVB Fanclub Amelunxen,
Chaos Boys Giessen,
Club Hegedex Südtirol
Das Trinkpack,
Der 12. Mann aus Münster
Der geile Fanclub,
Die Borussenschaft,
Die Dreingau-Borussen
Die Evinger Sturmfalken,
Die Gefolgschaft,
Die Germanen kommen 1994,
Die Organisation,
Die Rhein-Borussen Düsseldorf,
Die Rhöngeier 1995,
Die Supporters DO Derne,
Die Supporters Holzen,
Die Treue 13,
Die Werretaler,
Die Wild-Hawkz 09,
DO Supporters Stadtlohn,
Dobergborussen 82
Dortmund Eagles,
Dortmunder Jungs Saerbeck '08,
Dortmunder Mädels,
Downtown Borussen,
DTS 98,
Eggeland Dringenberg,
Eichsfeld Borussen,
Ense Borussen,
ESKAPADE Oberrhein 09,
Eternal Affection 09,
Fanatika Borussen,
Fanatix Dortmund,
Fanclub Black-and-Yellow-Dynamite Neuenhaus
Fanclub Gelbe Engel Mülheim an der Ruhr,
Fanclub Moers 1999 Black Yellow forever true e.V.,
Fanclub Schmallenberger Sauerland,
Fanclub Wiesmoor - Borussen 09
Fanclub-Desenberg Warburg,
Fanclub-Vereinigung Tifosi und Borussen Bulls,
Fangemeinschaft Marl-Dortmund,
Fangemeinschaft Sektor 93,
Fan-Projekt Dortmund,
Forza BVB Göttingen,
Freie Trommeln Süd,
Freundeskreis Wickede,
Fuhsespacken Peine,
Goldener Oktober Unna 1991,
Goldstadt Borussen,
Gorillas Dortmund,
Grafschaft Schwarz-Gelb e.V.,
Grenzgänger Borussen,
Haarstrang-Heroes Effeln,
HARZ 09,
Haselünner Borussen 09,
Hattinger Union,
Heidekojoten - BVB Fanclub Soltau,
Herberner Borussen,
Hinterländer Jungs - BVB Supporters Gladenbach,
Hohenlimburger Jungs und Mädels,
Jäuster Ahlen,
Kamener Jungs,
Kamikaze Kreuzviertel,
KommanDo Kuemmerling,
Kultclub Dortmund,
Legio Tremonia - Supporters Dortmund,
Leones Novesia,
Lörracher Jungs,
Magic Borussen,
Magic Goalgetter,
Mainborussen Aschaffenburg 09,
Mit Leib und Seele BVB,
MK-Borussen Sauerland,
MK-FC 09,
Motivierte Lüner,
Nachtfahrer Krefeld,
Nahetal Borussen e.V.,
Nordlands Kinder,
OB-VB 09,
Oeventrop Freienohl,
Optimisten Lippstadt e.V,.
Osterberg Borussen Lügde,
Owl ist schwatz-gelb,
Projekt Borussen.TV,
Reisegruppe Elend,
Reisegruppe Löwe,
Rising Sunz,
Rock the Block Schwerte,
Rude Boys Dortmund,
Ruhrfighter Wickede,
Saale Borussen,
Saarporters 09,
Scenario Rolandstadt,
Schmallenberger Sauerland,
Schneller Reifen Hamburg,
Schwaben Supporters Ellwangen,
Schwabenborussen e.V.,
Schwarz Gelbe Bomberos Frankenhardt e.V.,
Schwarz Gelbe Devils Euskirchen,
Schwarz Gelbe Jungs Berlin,
Schwarz Gelbe Salzsäue Lüneburg,
Schwarz Gelben Gallier Sünninghausen
schwarz gelben Schlossgeister
Schwarz-Gelbe Revier Borussen,
Schwarz-Gelbe Schwaben e.V,
Schwarz-Gelbe Treue Petersborn
Schwarz-Gelber Süden,
Schwarzwald Borussen,,
Schwatzgelbe Schwerter,
Sektion Thurgau,
Selm City,
Senne Borussen,
Siegburger Borussen
Solitude Borussen,
Spreeborussen Berlin 1993,
Supporters Crew Schwelm
Supporters Dormagen,
Supporters Harkort-City,
Supporters Holzen
Supporters Holzwickede,
Supporters Schwarz-Gelb,
Supporters Sölde
Supporters Unlimited 2008,
Supporters Warburgerland,
The Black Heart - BVB Supporters Thüringen
The Original Lüdenscheid's Borussen,
Totale Offensive BVB,
Treu09er Beckum,
Treue 14er,
Treue Borussen Schmidt/Eifel,
Treue Hammer,
Turbos Hunsrück,
Ungebrochene Treue,
United South,
United Süd Supporters,
Unser ganzes Leben nur der BVB,
Unterland Borussen 09,
Westerwald-Borussen 09
Wiesmoor Borussen 09
Zone 09

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