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Piszczel and Hummels celebrate after the match in StuttgartSometimes, a match day of national competition can be just awesome. After the surprise of German championship winner Bayern Munich losing in Kaiserslautern on Friday, the great loss of our hated neighbours against Hannover and the incredible victory of Mönchengladbach in Leverkusen, everything seemed to be possible for the last match of this day on Sunday, 5.30 pm. Borussia had to travel to Stuttgart to meet another team who lost on day one of the championship. Both teams qualified for the group stage of the Europa League last Thursday, but Borussia's advance was more convincing since Stuttgart and the supporters had to be afraid of losing their place in the group stage until the final whistle. On Sunday, it was time to find out which team starts aborted and in the end, it was not Borussia. Dortmund beat VfB 3-1 (3-0) and finds itself on the 8th rank in front of Scheisse 04, Bayern, Leverkusen and Bremen in the important ranking after two days.

Before the match

Borussia started exactly with the same squad which lost 0-2 to Leverkusen last week. Götze was back in the team instead of Piszczek, who took his place on Thursday in Baku. Stuttgart's coach Marco Gross sent Niedermeier on the pitch instead of Didavi, who impressively played on Thursday against Bratislava. Stuttgart had no option to use Celozzi, Degen, Delpierre and Audel because of injuries, Dortmund had no chance of playing with Kuba, Dede, Zidan and Kringe.

First half

About 5.000 BVB-Fans were in StuttgartTo use the words of the beginning of this article, the first half can be described only by saying "Just awesome". In minute five, Schmelzer's cross from the left side found his way into the goal, but not by using any intermediate steps, but directly, only being deflected by Boulahrouz. Stuttgart's keeper Ulreich, being the number one with old BVB player Marc Ziegler being on the bench, had no chance to interfere and to avoid the early lead of Borussia. This not being enough, Borussia even doubled the score in minute 26 after Großkreutz pass from the left found Lucas who scored with his first goal of the season – five days earlier than last year – after his ball was slightly deflected again. Some minutes before the first whistle, a cross by Kagawa led to confusion in the defense of our opponent, when Niedermeier decided to go for a header and therefore blocked his own goalkeeper. His header found his way to our big talent Mario Götze who scored with a header – which is very impressive for someone just being 1,71 metres tall. After the team celebrated the first goal of our 18-year-old in a collective, there was nothing more to write about and Borussia finished the first 45 minutes with a 3-0 lead which probably only a few people would have forecasted before the match (more on that later on).

Second half

The Panther scored once againOnce again, Borussia showed another face in the second half. For some reason, there was no such fighting like in the first half and some kind of self-assurance could be felt. The counter attacks were not finalized consequently even though there were some opportunities to do so, for example by Götze or Kehl. However, Stuttgart came back into the match. A shot by Cacau was saved by Weidenfeller in minute 63, but five minutes later Cacau made use of Kuzmanovic's cross from the right side to decrease our lead. One day after Mainz turned the page in Wolfsburg, winning 4-3 against the former championship winner after being down to three goals in the first half, many Borussia fans could have been afraid of a similar experience. Luckily, there were no big opportunities for Stuttgart and our team managed to secure the lead and to gain those three important points before the short Bundesliga break. An incredible day of National football ended with a yellow-black victory which ended up in one Borussia supporter gaining 16.000€ because he bet 16€ on the results of Mönchengladbach and our Borussia. Oh, happy day!


First goal for Mario GoetzeAfter the victory in Stuttgart, the start of our team can be judged as successful. Two victories in European competition which led us into the group stage, a victory in Burghausen in the national cup and one victory in Stuttgart is enough to forget about our defeat last week against Leverkusen. Now BVB has two weeks to concentrate on the next match against Wolfsburg on September 11th but twelve Borussia players will be traveling to their national teams, including Mario Götze who will be debuting in the team of Germany's under 21-year-old team who recently failed to qualify for the next European Cup. With Wolfsburg and new superstar Diego alongside old superstar Dzeko being the next opponent, Borussia will have to play the way we did during the first half of Sunday evening. Then anything is possible and the third day of the national championship could be summarized by two words again: just awesome!


Losers Stuttgart: Ulreich - Boulahrouz, Tasci, Niedermeier, Molinaro - Träsch, Kuzmanovic - Gebhart, Gentner - Cacau, Marica

Subs: Didavi and Harnik for Niedermeier and Marica (46th), Funk for Boulahrouz (90th)

LaOla in the NeckarstadiumGlory Borussia: Weidenfeller [3,5] – Owomoyela [3,5], Subotic [3], Hummels [2,5], Schmelzer [2,5] – Kehl [2], Sahin [2] – Götze [2,5], Kagawa [2,5], Großkreutz [3] – Barrios [2,5]

Subs: Lewandowski [3] for Barrios (65th), Piszczek for Großkreutz (75th), Bender for Sahin (88th)

Goals: 0-1 Schmelzer (5th), 0-2 Barrios (26th), 0-3 Götze (37th), 1-3 Cacau (69th)

Bookings: Schmelzer and Kehl

Referee: Gagelmann (Bremen)

Attendance: 40.500 (Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadium)

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