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12.08.2010, 22:14 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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Over the next couple of days, schwatzgelb will introduce a new system called „Flattr", a social payment service which makes it possible for our readers to donate for schwatzgelb. It Is really easy. After registering at flatter, you can decide which amount of money you want to spend for websites. At least two Euros have to be donated, which is done by just clicking the flattr-button beneath our articles to show appreciation for it.

Example: User X decides to spend five Euros per month for the websites he/she likes most. During the following months, he clicks 23 times at flattr-buttons on different homepages and blogs of his choosing. The budget of five Euros is divided by 23 clicks which results in every homepage gaining aroung 22 cent (minus ten per cent fee for flattr).

At the moment, flattr is in a beta phase. That is why registering is only possible for users who also have a PayPal-Account. And because of being in a beta phase, you will have to get an invitation code. We decided to introduce flattr because nothing changes for you readers. All articles on schwatzgelb will still be available and of course without any charge. Nobody has to use flattr and even if nobody will use it, schwatzgelb will live on either way. We are just anxious to see how this system develops. But we have to point out, that every income will be used to finance our webspace, the equipment or just the improvement. We as the editors will not gain anything of it, because schwatzgelb is still a project which is done because of passion and love, not because of money. Because the money comes from you, we will keep you updated about the amount of money we will get from flattr over the future.

editors, 12.08.2010

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