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Kevin celebrates his goalJust to explain, three years ago, I started working in a bar. It is a football bar. In that bar, before every game, they play the song of one special team. And it starts with the words “goal goal goaaaal”. Yet, not just any kind of football bar, no, it is a Werder Bremen bar. I know the people that come there, the people know me. We get along. We actually like each other. I would even say I love the football conversations we share. Twice a year, however, the type of conversations we have, change. It is more of a “ah, don’t be sad about the loss”, or a “you’re gonna get your butt spanked” that I get to hear. And usually I just smile. And in the end, it is me whose smile is even bigger and the others whose traps are shut.

Before the game

After the almost disaster against Berlin, Jürgen Klopp changed the formation and took Santana out and the well mended Mats Hummels in. Bremens coach Schaaf had changed his team on five positions and Wiese, Naldo, Pasanen, Hunt and Bargfrede stood in. It is redundant to mention, that this game was one of the most important of this year. It was the fight about chart-place 4 and the fight to increase the gap towards places 6 and 7.

Way to go Borussia

Klopp motivates the teamWhile I was standing on the Südtribüne, I basically had my Bremen buddies right opposite of me. The sun was shining, I was excited and the game began. And it began well. Both teams hung in there and tried to create an open game on both sides. Also the fans were present from the first moment on on both sides. It took only nine minutes until Bremens fans shut up for the first time and we got louder even more. After a great one-two pass with Kuba, Owomoyela played a great cross; Kevin Großkreutz was there and headed the ball into Wiese´s goal. 1:0 for us. The game continued to go back and forth and Bremen had no intentions to quit playing and kept trying. The amount of corner kicks they carved out, spoke for themselves. In the 14th minute Bremen´s Pizarro had the chance to score the 1:1, but failed because of Hummels. Yet, Dortmund managed to keep a slight upper hand on the game and so it was Barrios who had the huge chance to increase the score, unfortunately he placed his header way too unplaced and right into the arms of Wiese. Only five minutes later Subotic continued, what Barrios hadn’t brought quite to an end. He scored the 2:0 after a corner kick by Zidan. Dortmund continued to control the game until the 35th minute, when Bremen decided to try a bit harder and played out several chances in the 34th and 37th minute of the game. In the 39th minute Pizarro even scored, however from an offside position. I was glad when the whistle rang, since Bremen was about to gain the upper hand of the game and I had already started shivering again. During the break I had to force myself to not write any teasing messages. After all it was still 45 minutes to play.

A bit more trembling please

Barrios did not have his best dayThe second half of the game was dominated by Werder Bremen and Dortmund had to struggle to keep the score and the three points. In the 50th minute of the game Pizarro managed to kick the ball only a few inches aside the goal, whilst he hit the crossbar only ten minutes later. I began to feel more and more uneasy, I had the feeling Dortmund was asking for a goal now, which Hunt presented only 5 minutes later. 2:1.

Now I was nervous. Throughout the past three years I had worked at so many Werder Bremen games, so that I knew that they were able to score 1 or more goals if they wanted to. I still trusted my team and hoped for a reaction. In the 70th minute Schmelzer tried to defeat Wiese, however, Wiese did not want to play that way. Bremen continued trying and Dortmund had their hands full working to keep the ball out of our own penalty area, which they managed to achieve. In the last minutes of the game we got some time to take a deep breath, while Hajnal and Barrios tried to increase the score one more time. They did not get through to Wiese. After 92 minutes, referee Rafati called for an end and we gained three immensely important points on our way to Europe.


Bender replaced the injured KehlIt was a great game. Both teams had tried very hard to take home the three very important points and due to a very good first half and a good fight in the second half I may say that Dortmund deserved the three points. We shouldn’t have been unhappy though if we had only played a tie, since Bremen was a very strong and eager opponent. Due to my sympathy for that team, I hope they make their way to Europe, however, after us please. I still had to work that evening. I got a fair welcome. The people congratulated me and we still had a good night with loads of Becks.

I am proud of my Borussia for not giving in and hope that they will continue to play with this attitude towards the end. I believe in chart-places number 4 and 5 and I believe in our Borussia. Europe, here we come.



Weidenfeller (2) - Owomoyela (2,5) , Subotic (3), Hummels (2), Schmelzer (2,5) - Kehl (3), Sahin (3,5) - Blaszczykowski (2,5), Zidan (4), K. Großkreutz (3) - Barrios ( 3,5)


Wiese - Fritz, Mertesacker, Naldo, Pasanen - Bargfrede, Hunt - Özil, Marin - Pizarro, Hugo Almeida

Referee: Rafati

Victory - what a reliefGoals:
1:0 K. Großkreutz (9., header, Owomoyela)
2:0 Subotic (22., header, Zidan)
2:1 Hunt (65., left shot, Özil)


46. S. Bender (3) for Kehl
68. Hajnal for Zidan
77. Felipe Santana for Hummels

46. D. Jensen for Marin
69. Boenisch for Pasanen

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