New jersey presented

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New jersey presentedFor the last 5 years Nike was Borussia's jersey manufacturer. But as the contract with the US giant ended this summer BVB had to look for a new deal. Kappa, an Italian company, jumped in and presented the new jerseys last week.

Some supporters of Borussia were really near desperation. Kappa is known for their ultra slim design, that pronounces an athlete's body. But hey, BVB supporters are known for drinking beer! How should that function? To be honest Kappa changed their design over the last couple of years. The shirts are still sharp-designed but fitting most fans. And as Nike with their last jersey, Kappa hold on to a more or less conservative home design. Yellow all over with black applications.

On the other hand the away jersey is really innovative with yellow thin rays on a black background. But if you call that innovative, have a look at the goalie dress. Some kind of deep purple, just by accident exactly the colour of our jersey sponsor Evonik, with yellow applications. Weidenfeller somehow stated that he'd chosen the colour....And a fourth design was also introduced. A red an white one that stands for the colours of the city of Dortmund. Surely a nice gesture towards the home town.

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