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It is hard to describe the elation that is going on in Dortmunds fanscene at the moment, after all it has been quite a few years since we could actually say "yes, that team down there is worth to be proud of". After the 6th win in the row our team and coach deserve all the cheers and approval they get at this moment.

Line up

Just like throughout the past games, Jürgen Klopp decided to come up with the same squad as before, since the players had proved to work efficiently and well together. Frankfurts coach Friedhelm Funkel on the other hand to do forego Ochs, Fink, Inamoto and Caio.

First half

So, let the game begin. And it began. In the first couple of minutes, Kehl managed to play two passes into Frankfurts penalty area, where once Frei missed and only a few seconds later, Valdez did not reach the ball. Moving on to the next worth mentioning scene. Our keeper Weidenfeller had to storm out of the penalty area to clear the situaion as Korkmaz almost managed to get to the ball. By the way, this was already the 15th minute. Moving on to the next mentionable scene. Frei managed to push forward on the right side and put a cross into the penalty are where Valdez was waiting, unfortunately Pröll was only one step quicker and so the score still said 0:0. By the way, this was the 37th minute of the game. All in all the audience saw a rather boring and dragging game in which none of the both teams managed to really get a hold of the upperhand of the game. Hajnal and Sahin both lacked idead to efficiently push through Frankfurts defense and it was definetely not Dede's game on the left side. Our lively left defense player did not really get his act together on that day. Frankfurt on the other hand did not seem to know how to take advantage of Dortmunds lacking ideas and so the score was 0:0 after the first 45 minutes of the game.

Second half

It is hard to imagine what could be read here at this very moment. Dortmund changed from 0 to 100, plenteous chances for us, unbelievable give and go passes, unfortunately this is the reality and besided a few slight tiny-mini chances for Frankfurts Adler and Jung the game had little to offer. In the 65th minute of the game Kuba had to clear the situation after the ball landed into our penalty area and well, that was basically it when it comes down to excitement. In the 73rd minute of the game, Jürgen Klopp made a change which should prove to be the best decision of the day. He took Frei out and put Zidan in. It was Zidane who leveled the first real chance on Dortmunds side after crossing the ball into Frankfurts penalty area where again Pröll was one step quicker than Valdez. Only a couple of minutes later it was again Zidan who brought excitement for Dortmunds fans. In the 79th minute of the game, Zidan passed the ball to Valdez, who passed it over to Owomoyela who was waiting on the right side. Owomoyela got the ball into Frankfurts penalty area where Hajnal stood and somehow Zidan was again present, who finally kicked the ball, after a nice move, into Frankfurts goal. It was hard to believe but at this point, after 80 dragging minutes, the score said 0:1. Only a few seconds later Owomoyela again kicked the ball to Hajnal who ran all the way down the field in order to pass the ball close to the goal where Valdez was waiting. Again one of Frankfurts players, Bellaid, was quicker, fortunately quicker in the fact that he scored his own goal before Valdez could. 0:2 for us. A few seconds later Weidenfeller was allowed to take part in the game own more time and parried one of Frankfurts semi dangerous shots and after that the game was done. The "thank God" thoughts god overshadowed by the euphoria of the 6th win in the row.


After five rather good games from our side, this victory was a victory that took a lot of work and even more patience. At times Dortmunds fans actually considered the fact that it has been a while since we had played a tie and that it might therefore be time for one again. But our team proved that they deserve all the trust we put in them at the moment since they do not give up and also score when people actually think it might not be possible anymore. The joy that surrounds Dortmund at the moment is one wonderful feeling, the fact that we are only three points away from a place in the chart that allows to take part in international championships, makes our hearts even lighter. However, no matter on which place we will end this season, and even if we do lose or play ties throughout the next games, the fact that this team fights in all their games, never gives up and shows, after victories, how happy they are at the moment is the biggest win of the whole season and no place in the chart could come close to the joy of a Dortmunds fan that their team finally is a team again. From coach, to the team on the field, to the fans.

The 6th win in the row also means "club record reached", next week we will hopefully be able to set up a new record in the difficult game at home against Karlsruhe.



Pröll - Jung , Russ , Bellaid , Spycher - Chris - Mahdavikia , A. Meier - Liberopoulos - Fenin , Korkmaz

coach: Funkel


Weidenfeller (2,5) - Owomoyela (2), Subotic (3,5), Felipe Santana (3), Dede (4,5) - Kehl (3) - Blaszczykowski (4,5), N. Sahin (3,5) - Hajnal (3,5) - Frei (3), Valdez (3)

coach: Klopp

Referee: Gräfe (2)

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