Fare well Robert Enke, rest in peace.

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Robert EnkeWe argue about the line up of our team. We make a fuss about deeds of players from other teams. We even sing of hatred and laugh about the other fans’ or players’ grief and disappointment. On days like these, however, we realize that none of this is important. That football is not important, that hostility among teams is such a waste and that the person in the other dress is one of us.

On the 10th of November, Robert Enke, goal keeper of Hannover and the German national team died. Having gone through rough private years, he jumped in front of a train and commited suicide. Three years ago Robert Enke and his wife Teresa lost their 2 year old daugther. A loss parents can barely cope.

Robert Enke was a fantastic footballplayer, but more important, a marvelous person. On the football field you could watch him play with passion and always fair. Away from the football field, he and his wife lived on a farm surrounded by animals. An environment that was very important for Robert Enke. The welfare of animals was something he cared about. He supported the organization PETA and protested against the mistreatment of animals. In Mai 2009 Robert and his wife adopted a little girl and gave her a home. It is sad, when people like Robert Enke decide to leave us. We can hardly imagine the sadness his wife, family and friends have to face. Our thoughts are with them.

We will always remember the fantastic keeper Robert Enke was on the footballfield, and the down to earth and kind person he was aloof the field.

Rest in peace.

Ida, 11.11.2009

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