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finally: three pointsIt's not like we were very unhappy the last weeks, it's not like we were tired of watching our team play- as so often throughout the last season, it's not like they hadn't scrambled for the golden three points against Hertha, Bremen or Hannover, but it's not like we were not really eager to finally walk out of the stadium with a grin on our faces for having finally won a game again and cash in the well deserved three points either.

The next attempt to achieve exactly this was the game against the FC Cologne. Cologne? Yeah, exactly, that Carnival city on the Rhine. But until Carnival it was still 13 days to go and Cologne would have very little to laugh this evening.

Due to Schmelzer's injury, who had incured a torn muscle fibre against Hertha, Klopp had to change the formation once again, giving Owomoyela the chance to prove himself on the right side from the very beginning on while Lee started out on the left side. Kehl played the role of the enforcer in front of the defense while Tinga alterned between the offensive and defensive midfield. In the offensive midfield Kringe and Hajnal were positioned.Valdez and Kuba (with a protection mask on his face) were placed as strikers who were supposed to switch positions every now and then throughout the game.

traffic jam made most of them arrive lateIt's been 990 days since the last game against Cologne, also taking place in Cologne.

The teams then parted 0:0. For a while it seemed as if fate was to be repeated and the teams would separate without having scored any goals again but it came differently.

First half:

The game started out with a scream on our side when Mat Hummels headed the ball directly into Mondragons arms after a corner kick. The next 30 minutes the game was quite even with two active teams who gave their opponent little space to evolve a quick game, consequenting in only few exciting moments. It was the 13. minute when Antar passed the ball into Dortmund's penalty area, Novakovic, however, missed it by only a few seconds- relieve on our side.

Only a short moment later Owomoyela was able to clear the ball to the corner after Cologne started another dangerous attack towards our goal.

After that it was about done with Cologne's bewitchment for Kringe and Kuba managed to pep up Dortmund's left wing with comelyable combinations. In the 30. minute, Kringe managed to bring a center pass right into Cologne's penalty area and Valdez tried to head it into the goal where Mondragon was able to ward the ball. Valdez' attempted another kick which found it s end at the goalpost.

Cologne seemed to have deactivated their will since it was Dortmund who now defined the game.

Another kick by Tinga and a head ball by Kuba could have been the long longed for goal for us, however, by the end of the first half the luck was on Cologne`s side and both teams bowed out of the game without having scored.Darth Kuba

Second half:

Back in the game Dortmund started superior again. Still it was Cologne who had the first chance to score a goal in the second half as Novakovic fired the ball over Roman Weidenfeller's goal. From now on Cologne had abandoned their offensive game completely and it was Dortmund who created one goal scoring chance after another. Especially Sebastian Kehl stood out as he was like a hoover, catching every ball and preventing even the smallest attempt of Cologne to start an offensive attack again. But not only did he molt himself to the king of the defense, he also had a lot of input on the offensive part of the game, spreading the ball to all sides, providing space for kuba, kringe and lee who permanently pushed forward.

In the 57. minute it was Kuba who put in a perfect cross into Cologne's penalty are where Florian Kringe was waiting. It`s a great mystery how he managed to do so but Kringe DID manage to head the ball against the crossbar of the goal.

One might even dare to say that it must have been more difficult to head the ball at the crossbar rather than into the goal.

But the game went on and by now Dortmund was absolutely superior to Cologne who basically did not do anything to improve their game. With an immense hard working Sebastian Kehl and a very quick operating Kuba, Dortmund managed to keep complete control over the game and it was Tinga who played a very clear pass into Cologne's penalty area in the 65. minute which Kringe finally managed to use to score the goal that was past due.

Only few seconds later Valdez militant work was done for the day and Frei was substituted into the game.

Dortmund gave Cologne a little break to catch some breath and so Cologne managed to frame a free kick which Roman Weidenfeller managed to fist away.

It was around the 70. minute when Alex Frei had the chance to finally redeem us from our shivers- which weren't actually there, but you never know- after Kuba put in a perfect cross.

But apperently Frei and Kringe practised too many headers together since Frei managed to scatter a perfect cross just like Kringe did earlier.

Leader Kehl full of joyThroughout the last few minutes of the game, Cologne was striven to keep at least one point at home but the young inner defense as well as the experienced Kehl made it impossible for Cologne to snatch one more seriously dangerous offensive move.


Throughout the whole game, Dortmund was quicker, with more joy for the game and with outstanding defense and offense performances so that it was no surprise that three points were taken home.

For Cologne, it was simply not Carnival yet, even though Cologne's stadium announcer managed to create some kind of amusement among our fans by stating that there was more to fetch in this game.

Apparently he watched another game than we did.

10 league games - just won loss, Klopp is relievedStats

BVB: Weidenfeller (3) - Lee (2.5), Subotic (2), Hummels (2.5) , Owomoyela (4) - Kehl (1.5)- Tinga (3) , Kringe(2.5) - Hajnal (4) (75. Sahin)- Kuba (2) (71. Zidan), Valdez (3.5) (66. Frei)

1. FC Cologne: Mondragon - Brecko (77.Sanou), Geromel, Mohamad, Wome - Petit, Pezzoni -Vucicevic(66.Radu),Antar,Ehret(66.Chihi)-Novakovic

Goals: 0:1 Kringe (65.)

Bookings: Mohamad, Geromel -Lee, Frei

Referee: Dr. Helmut Fleischer

Spectators: 50.000

(Marks: 1=world class, 2=did very well, 3=performance was ok, 4=not enough but not too bad at all, 5=not worth the money, 6=should pay money for playing football)

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