Guest Guide

How to get tickets:

* ticket office at BVB's branch office:

Rheinlanddamm 207 - 209

44137 Dortmund

phone: 0049-0231-9020100

fax: 0049-0231-9020109

(opened Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:00. On match days it opens 4 hours prior to the match and closes when the match is kicked off. On weekdays the office is open from 8:30 till the match is kicked off.

* phone: 0049-1805-309000 is BVB's automated phone service (German). As this is a very expensive phone service we advise you not to use it. Especially if you are calling from abroad. fax: 0049-231-9020109 (ticket fax) or 0049-231-9020105 (branch office) can be reached by fax.

* www: BVB's ticket shop is in German only available. If you manage to order tickets through this onlineshop and live outside of Germany you will be send a pdf with your ticket (Print at home) Tickets are normally available 4 weeks prior to the match. This is the way to get the tickets if you order from abroad


Where to sit?

You will find all the fanatics on the Suedtribuene. As nearly all of the tickets are sold as season tickets, it is impossible to get those tickets. If you still want to experience some Suedtribuene atmosphere (which we highly recommend!) buy tickets for Blocks 38,39, 87, 88. Prices range from 26,5€ to 32€ per seat (an additional 20% for top matches). If you want it a bit quieter try the neighbouring blocks 37 or 89.


Inside the stadium

prices in stadium: Local Beer, cola, Fanta, table water: 3,70 Euro/0,5l. Bratwurst 2,5€, Meat Balls 2,5€ - for a complete food/beverage-list click here ( More info in our food guide Anna Theke (, sadly only in German so far. From the third match day of 2010/2011 you will need a "Stadiondeckel" to pay inside the stadium. The card can bought inside the stadium. You will need to fill it with 10€ of which 2€ will be deducted as deposit. You can get rid of the card and collect your deposit and the rest of your money after the match within the stadium or keep it for future visits. The card is valid throughout the 2010/2011.

Match day magazine: 2€

* not allowed: At all events in the Westfalenstadion fireworks, glass bottles, cans, all types of beverages, illegal drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited. You should have no problem to get all of your fan equipment inside the stadium however. However do not try to enter the aforementioned blocks with an away teams strip. You will not be granted access. If you insist on wearing this, get yourself tickets for any other block. For more specific question please contact us under


Special service for BVB match spectators:

* BVB tickets allow you to use public buses, underground and some trains (only 2nd class non-extra charge local traffic trains) on match day for free. So if there is a guard just show your BVB ticket (before and after BVB matches the underground to the stadium is completely filled and so there is no place for guards or checking anyone's ticket). The BVB ticket is not only valid in Dortmund but in the whole VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr) area.


Public transportation

* general information: The underground (U-Bahn) is the easiest way to get to the stadium. You don't have to show your ticket at the entrance in most of Germany's undergrounds. Just buy it at a ticket office or ticket machine, validate it at the ticket-cancelling machine and enter the waggons. From time to time there are guards in the underground waggons who control the passengers' tickets. For those who don't have a validated ticket a fine (40 Euro at the moment) will be imposed.

* On match day it’s not too hard to spot where the masses are heading towards. Dortmund wears black and yellow and is travelling towards Westfalenstadion. From Dortmund HAUPTBAHNHOF take the U45 towards Westfalenstadion. At STADTGARTEN enter either the U46 towards Westfalenstadion or jump onboard the U42 direction Hombruch. Your stop on this line is THEODOR-FLIEDNER-HEIM. You can not miss Westfalenstadion from there.

Don't worry, Dortmund isn't that big (600.000) and you won't be able to miss the Westfalenstadion. Just follow the blackyellow hordes!



There are several car parks around the stadium. Just follow the signposts and beforehand have a look on this map (-> Parking costs 4€ / day. Make sure you arrive early to find a parking space. You can also use the Park & Ride system within Dortmund (->


Airports, railway stations:

* airports: The nearest airport is "Airport Dortmund", located 10 Km east of downtown and Westfalenstadion at the B1 road.

Other airports:

o Düsseldorf (international airport, 55 Km west), solid train connection from the airport to Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (Railway Station)

o Düsseldorf-Weeze (european airport, 90 Km west), exclusive Ryan Air hub near to the Dutch border

o Cologne (international airport, 75 Km southwest)

o Münster/Osnabrück (domestic/european airport, 50 Km north)

o Paderborn (domestic/european airport, 90 Km east)

* railway: The central railway station ("Hauptbahnhof") in Dortmund is well connected to every major city in Germany and even to most of Europe's big cities.

* car: Dortmund is also well connected to the German Autobahn system that is second to none. Major Autobahns are the A1, A2, A 40, A42, A 45 all lead the way to the beloved heart of the Rhine-Ruhr-Area.


Hotels, hostels

* Hostel: A fairly new hostel is located within walking distance of the ground. Embedo ( . You find it on Lindemannstraße 78. Prices are reasonable. And it is also close to the ground.

* Hotel: If you want to stay in Dortmund over night you'll find many hotels from budget to luxury class . Search the huge "Hotel Reservation Service"-database ( for a convenient one. Maybe a stay in Hotel Lennhof, which is decorated in Borussia Dortmund style, is a special delight. A Mercure Hotel is located right within the city centre .


Before the match

There are several Bratwurst / Beer stands located outside the stadium. Close to the south entrance and the DB (German Rail) station “Signal Iduna Park” you will find a nice hut which sells bottled beers. Most of the fans gather at three major points in front of the north stands. The Rote Erde Beergarden inside the legendary old stadium, the Strobels which is right between Rote Erde and Westfalenstadion and the Reitstall on Strobelallee a few meters up the road after the Westfalenstadion north east entrance.

If you want to shop some souvenirs head towards the BVB Fanshop just above the Strobels. On match days you will find it open through to half an hour before kick off. We strongly advise you to go in a wee bit earlier as queues can be very long at the checkout.

Why not arrive early and visit the BORUSSEUM (-> It is located inside the Westfalenstadium. Right inside the North-East stands. On match days the museum is open until 8pm. On match days the entrance to the BORUSSEUM is somewhat hidden. You will find it behind the Fanshop and Strobels. An elevator takes you up to the entrance. In case you can’t find it, ask any of the Volunteers around that area. On any other day you can enter the BORUSSEUM through the BVB Fanshop.

To experience the special atmosphere inside the stadium make sure to be inside some 45min before kick-off.


After the match

Either head back to Strobels or Rote Erde for some more drinks or head over towards the Kreuzviertel to mingle with fellow Dortmund supporters. There are several bars within walking distance from the stadium. From Rote Erde (north entrance) walk up between the two exhibition halls, cross over the B1. You’ll find yourself on Lindemannstraße. Some 200m to the left youll find BarRock (run by the same landlord as Strobels), a bit further down you will find Buergermeister Lindemann, a traditional Dortmund pub which can get really crowded after matches. It is worth the experience. There are of course several other bars on the side streets walking down Lindemannstraße. Most of them will have highlights from the match and all of the other Bundesliga matches on their screens.


Stadium tour


Are you in Dortmund for an extended stay? Why not be part of one of the guided tours through one of the most famous grounds in the world? The hour long tour will take you to the dressing room, mixed zone, right onto the pitch, the VIP area and all sorts of other things. Your host: Aki Schmidt. A Dortmund legend - the skipper of the famous 66 European Cup Winners Cup final team vs Liverpool and two time Deutscher Meister. If you’d like to have a translator by your side, make sure you contact beforehand, lovely Claudine will make sure you do not miss out any anecdote or fact. Otherwise just by your tickets (6€) at the Fan Shop above Strobels. Guided Tours take place on Fridays at 4pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm (of course – if there is a match going on at that time, there will be no guided tour).


BVB history in Dortmund

Not only the BORUSSEUM offers BVB history, there are also other places that let you experience some BVB history in Dortmund. One of the pithiest symbols can be be seen when walking around Dortmund. The Walk Of Fame ( consists of 100 stars which signpost the most memorable moments in club history as well as club legends as Max Michallek, Adi Preißler, Heinrich Kwiatkowski, Lars Ricken and many more. Collect them all when walking from Borsigplatz, Borussia’s birthplace to Westfalenstadion. Before you start make sure you treat yourself to a Currywurst at “Pommes Rot/Weiß” (Oesterholzstraße 60). 100 years ago this place was called “Wildschütz”, was a pub and inside those legendary walls Borussia was founded on December 19th 1909. If you have some more time to visit the northern part of Dortmund, make sure you contact the dedicated folks at Borsigplatzverführungen ( They can offer you a guided tour of the most memorable places in our early club history.


Eating out

Dortmund is not known for its Haut Cuisine. It does however have a wide range of international and local food. A couple of good Italians are located inside the Kreuzviertel. For example try the Taormina ( or the cosy Zucchero a few meters away (Schillingstraße 18). Traditional Westphalian and German food is served in various restaurants round town. Try Biedermeier ( or Holzknecht ( on Hohe Straße or the Pfefferkorn ( on Hoher Wall.

There are plenty of little bars and cafés on Alter Markt in the city centre which will serve salads, soups and hot meals. A good Currywurst is served at Thueringer on Alter Markt as well. For the famous German dish Kepab try the Brueckstraßen Quarter.


Going out

Dortmund does have a rich and varied nightlife. Make sure you pick up a copy of local listing mags Heinz, Coolibri, Nachtschwärmer (fold out) and Port01. This will give you a good overview on what’s on that night. If you are up for some traditional German Schlagermusik make sure you visit Stade on Alter Markt. If you feel a bit more like dancing there are various clubs in Dortmund for every taste. Silent Sinners (->, close to Möllerbrücke, is a good bet for 90s Trash or NoWave on every Friday or Saturday night. So are the clubs round Brueckstraße (Hoesls Tanzcafé, Le Grand -> The newly reopened FZW (-> close to Rheinische Straße is always worth a trip with its gigs and disco nights. At the Irish Pub on Kampstraße you will surely get your Guiness which is also served at the Subrosa (-> in the northern part of town. Subrosa and Sissikingkong (-> are two of the hidden gems of Dortmund and worth a trip if you are into good alternative bars. Both serve food as well. End the night with a trip to Spirit (-> in the Brueckstraßen Quarter. This legendary club is known to be the last resort for most of the locals. Only head over there if you are wasted enough.


Are there fellow fans travelling to Dortmund?

Make sure you contact the Planetdortmund Supporters Club (-> Its members come from Scotland, UK, the US, Bulgaria and Malta. Big Joerg will be glad to meet you if they are travelling.


We certainly do hope that you enjoy your stay in Dortmund and at the Westfalenstadion. If you have any further questions or miss some info, please contact us at