21.12.2014 From few to nothing
19.12.2014 Birthday present?!
18.12.2014 Little by little
17.12.2014 The same procedure as every week
14.12.2014 We screw it up every time

  • FC Utrecht - BVB
  • SV Werder Bremen - BVB
  • BVB - VfL Wolfsburg
  • Hertha BSC - BVB
  • BVB - RSC Anderlecht
  • BVB II - FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
  • BVB - TSG Hoppenheim
  • SG Eintracht Frankfurt - BVB
  • Arsenal FC London - BVB
  • HV 2014 BVB GmbH & Co. KG aA
  • JHV 2014 BVB e.V.
  • SC Paderborn 07 - BVB
  • SG Dynamo Dresden - BVB II
  • BVB - Borussia VfL 1900 Mönchengladbach
  • BVB II - FC Energie Cottbus
  • BVB - Galatasaray Spor Kulübü
  • VfB Stuttgart 1893 II - BVB II
  • FC Bayern München - BVB
  • FC St. Pauli 1910 - BVB
  • BVB II - FC Hansa Rostock

League - 21.12.2014

From few to nothing

The first half of the season is over. The result? Borussia Dortmund will face Juventus Turin in the last sixteen of the Champions League while remaining on a relegation spot over the winter break. Could it be more ironic? Not bleeding likely... [mehr..]

Warm Up - 19.12.2014

Birthday present?!

Who would have thought of this 105 years ago? Borussia Dortmund playing in the Bundesliga, Champions League and Cup, struggling a bit at the moment but all in all one of the most successful teams in German football. Stunning what developed from an idea you had and pushed forward with some others, Mr Jacobi, isn’t it? But before we get back to the current situation, let’s take a look back five years ago. [mehr..]

League - 18.12.2014

Little by little

The last game this year in the mighty Westfalenstadion was quite a good one. The sphere was quite good. The score was quite good. The mood was quite good. The team was quite good. Little by little, the bird builds his nest. It wasn’t enough to be a relief, but it was enough to give some hope. [mehr..]

Warm up - 17.12.2014

The same procedure as every week

Borussia Dortmund are where the have been two weeks ago. With a horrible performance the black-yellow ones lost their away match in Berlin 0-1. Now the mighty wolves of VfL Wolfsburg are visiting Westfalenstadion. [mehr..]

League - 14.12.2014

We screw it up every time

"We always do the first step, against Gladbach or Hoffenheim and then we screw it up again and again." - Marcel Schmelzer [mehr..]

Warm Up - 12.12.2014

Berlin volume one

We could play quite a few games in Berlin this season if all went well and luck was on our side as well. After all, besides the anual Cup Final, there is also a Championsleague Final in Berlin this season. I guess it is allowed to dream a little bit. [mehr..]

European Competitions - 10.12.2014

One last step

Borussia Dortmund had still one Champions League match to play this year with RSC Anderlecht visiting Westfalenstadion. With at least a draw BVB should finish the group on the top spot. That could be important regarding the first knock-out stage, where the black-yellows would... [mehr..]

Warm Up - 08.12.2014

Nearly there ...!

The situation in the Champions League couldn’t be more different from the one in the Bundesliga. We hit rock bottom last weekend in league and tomorrow we’ll be waving ‘byebye’ to the other teams of the group leaving for the next round and just a small step missing to... [mehr..]

League - 07.12.2014

A lucky unlucky win

This weekend was a weekend of joy in Dortmund. That is what's great about games on Friday evenings. Once you win them, everything is fine. And the best days are yet to come... [mehr..]

Warm up - 04.12.2014

The sky is the limit

Being rock bottom of the table has one - and really only one - advantage. You can‘t fall down any more - at least for this season. Borussia Dortmund‘s upcoming match against TSG Hoffenheim is meant to be yet another turning point. Let‘s see whether Jürgen Klopp and his... [mehr..]

Editors View - 04.12.2014

The 2007-feeling

Sometimes a feeling is more important than the standing on the table. It´s not always about titles, sometimes a really dirty fight is just right for the football soul. One just has to admit it. [mehr..]

League - 01.12.2014

Stuck in groundhog day

There it was again, after the referee blew the whistle that marked the end of the game against Eintracht Frankfurt, the feeling of numbness and of repetition. Stuck in a loop, just like in groundhog day. [mehr..]